5 Great Reasons To Hire an Addiction Treatment Consultant

The addiction treatment space is surely one of the most unique and challenging in the entire field of behavioral healthcare. Therefore, the role of your addiction treatment consultant and the marketing strategy they put in play is pivotal to increasing your admission rates.

There are a lot of addiction treatment consultants out there. Unfortunately, not every one of them can deliver on the promises they make. Let’s dive deeper into what you need to be looking for when you need drug rehab center consulting services.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Addiction Treatment Consultant

An addiction treatment center’s day-to-day existence is a busy one. Therefore, overseeing, strategizing and implementing a complex digital marketing plan isn’t feasible. There isn’t enough time or resources to do all of these things. That’s why bringing in outside experts is a good idea.

However, not just any outside experts will do. For example, some outside experts aren’t really experts at all. Or they’re experts, just not the kind that can help you achieve your goals. Consider the following when considering whether or not to engage an addiction treatment consultant:

1. Synergizing Your PPC and SEO Strategies Takes Skill

There are marketers out there who will tell you that PPC is the only digital marketing you ever need. In fact, they are wrong. 

PPC clearly has its purpose. It’s a way to increase traffic quickly. For a startup, this is especially important. However, trying to exist solely on PPC is severely limiting the potential of marketing. It can also get pretty expensive in the process.

Dreamscape Marketing has always maintained that PPC is one part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Addiction treatment PPC campaign is an effective part of your strategy, but it’s still just one part. 

Organic SEO is what your ultimate goal should always be. Unlike PPC, your drug rehab SEO campaign results don’t disappear the moment you stop paying for them. They’ve earned their rank and those results have staying power.

2. You Need To Be Able to Precisely Track What’s Working & What Isn’t

Call tracking is a powerful tool used by digital marketers. It provides information for every phone call your addiction treatment center receives, including:

  • Caller’s phone number
  • Call duration
  • Recording of the phone call
  • Landing page URL

This information can reveal exactly what led the caller to you in the first place. In marketing, that’s extremely crucial information. Having this information enables an addiction treatment consultant to zero in on certain aspects of digital marketing that are generating more calls.

Without question, you need to understand: 

  • Where your patients are coming from 
  • What they’re looking for
  • What they’re asking for 
  • Why they need your services 

3. You Need to Dominate Organic SEO & Local SEO

Local SEO centers around your Google My Business (GMB) listing. It’s cultivation and maintenance is important for increasing the number of calls you receive.

Is your GMB listing even filled out completely? Surprisingly, many are not. An addiction treatment consultant can help make certain you are leveraging your GMB properly. 

There are marketers out there who will tell you all you need to focus on is your GMB listing. While GMB is extremely important, it’s important to realize that it’s directly affected by your website’s SEO strength. Therefore, you always need a website that ranks highly in organic search results.

4. You Need to Generate Content in the Right Quantity and Quality

Some marketers can generate large quantities of content for you. This sounds good, right? Well, not if the content is of low value. Certainly not if it isn’t content that prospective patients are looking for.

Quantity does matter. You can’t have a website where content is seldom added. Google won’t like it and neither will readers.

There always needs to be a reason for viewers to return to your website. Blogs are often the answer.

However, just generating blogs isn’t enough. They have to be the right blogs addressing the right topics. Unread blogs don’t do you any good, no matter how many of them you publish.

Addiction treatment content marketing is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. A professional digital marketer can help you get it right.

5. You Can’t Do It All Yourself

Outside experts can do what you can’t: take a third-party, objective look at your marketing. Reputable digital marketers also bring with them remarkable SEO, PPC and lead-tracking expertise that most addiction treatment centers simply don’t possess.

Frequently, it takes the skills of an outside expert to realize your marketing goals. You can’t do it alone, and you don’t have to.

Outside experts bring massive marketing expertise to the table. This includes comprehensive technical skills that addiction treatment centers simply don’t possess. In addition, an addiction treatment consultant with a sizable portfolio knows what works in digital marketing and what doesn’t.

An Addiction Treatment Consultant is the Key to Increased Admissions

In the complex world of digital marketing, you need all the help you can get. As nationally recognized drug rehab business and marketing consultants, Dreamscape Marketing has the deep experience as an addiction treatment consultant to get the job done. 

Why shoulder marketing burdens that you don’t have to? Contact us today at 888.307.7304 and let’s discuss how addiction recovery consulting can bring more prospective patients to you.