What Is Omnichannel Marketing? What Does It Mean for Small Businesses?

In recent years, omnichannel marketing for small businesses has become increasingly important. But what is omnichannel marketing exactly? Basically, it’s a way of spreading your brand presence across several online and offline platforms. Online channels would include your website, social media and email while offline channels include things like events. 

The idea is that you create a unified, consistent customer experience across all of these channels. Although the concept is simple, achieving it is another matter.

Why is omnichannel marketing important? Because it empowers you to design and implement an excellent customer experience through every stage of their interaction with you. Throughout the process, you’re able to build your brand reputation, and that’s always important.

Omnichannel Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

View the Customer Experience as a Journey & Plan For It 

Customers don’t come to you. You come to them—and on their terms. Know the channels they will interact with. Understand how they interact with them. Decide how best to communicate with them on these channels.

Let Data Guide Your Strategy

Your CRM data is a treasure trove of information about your customers. Between that and their online search behavior, it’s possible to have a reasonably good understanding of how best to reach them. The data paints a picture. Use it in your omnichannel marketing.

Get the Right Message to the Right People 

Be sure of who your customers are. Spending a lot of time communicating with people who will never buy from you is a waste of your time and money. Take a television ad, for example. It’s expensive to air, and it’s very easy to air it on station at a time when your target audience will never see it. Always be certain that you are speaking to your target audience, and delivering them a message that’s relevant to them.

Segment Your Customer Base to Make the Journey More Personal 

Once you understand your audience, it’s then necessary to segment them into categories so that you can address the unique needs of each one through marketing. This is how you make the customer experience with you more meaningful. In the past, this degree of segmentation was difficult and in some situations nearly impossible. That’s no longer the case.

The Positive Customer Experience Must Exist in Every Part of the Journey 

If you successfully communicate with your target audience through online content but can’t do so when customers actually contact you, your omnichannel marketing isn’t going to help you much. Whether it’s dealing with customers at your business or one-on-one on social media, make sure employees know what to say and how to say it.

Successfully Leverage Omnichannel Marketing By Doing These Four Things

It’s easy to make mistakes in omnichannel marketing. Let’s look at several ways to ensure your experience is both positive and successful:

Understand Your Customers 

Every small business thinks it understands its customers. That may or may not be true. To deliver customized messaging, understanding your customers is absolutely essential. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand how and why they look to your business for what they want.

Go With the Most Appropriate Channels 

Don’t set yourself up to fail by miscalculating where you should be or what you should say. Being on the wrong channel with the right message doesn’t help you. Neither does being on the right channel with the wrong message. Pull out the right message on the right channel to the right people and you will achieve all of your omnichannel marketing goals.

Be Helpful & Don’t Oversell 

Remember that no one wants to deal with a salesperson, especially in social media. Influencers succeed because they seem like they’re helping rather than selling to their followers. There’s a lesson there. Make sure you’re talking to your customers and not at them. Give them what they want, not what you think they want. Omnichannel marketing for small businesses works… if you keep this in mind.

Measure the Results 

Without this step, everything before it is pointless. You need to know what’s working and what isn’t.

Make Omnichannel Marketing Work For Your Small Business

As a small business, you need to take advantage of what omnichannel marketing can offer. Wanting to embrace omnichannel marketing is the first step. The next step is finding the right marketing partner that can make everything happen. 

Dreamscape Marketing has the knowledge and experience to make this marketing strategy work for you. Contact us today at 888.307.7304 and let’s discuss how we can take your marketing to a whole new level of success.