NCAD 2019 Meet Dan Gemp at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders

Science and medicine are continually seeing the benefits of the latest technological updates and clinical procedures. The 2019 National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD 2019 conference) can help addiction treatment professionals to stay informed on innovations. Each year, the NCAD conference brings in hundreds of services providers and exhibitors. The NCAD conference 2019 will take place August 15-18 in Baltimore, MD. It will feature several speakers, including Dreamscape Marketing’s own Dan Gemp, as well as multiple networking opportunities with addiction treatment marketing agencies and exhibitors. Don’t miss this informative event offering all the latest news in addiction treatment.

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About the National Conference on Addiction Disorders

Daniel Gemp is set to speak at the NCAD conference 2019Since its inaugural conference in 2010, the National Conference on Addiction Disorders has become the ultimate industry gathering for addiction treatment and drug detox centers. This year’s NCAD 2019 conference will also be one of the biggest yet with over 1,100 people in attendance. Attendees have access to 100 exhibits providing chances for over 22 continuing education credits. In addition, conference attendees will have 45+ options for professional presentations and over 50 educational sessions.

The National Conference on Addiction Disorders is the ultimate conference for training and information on the addiction treatment industry. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the continuing education credits, drug rehab marketing resources, or the groundbreaking insights of our professional speakers, NCAD conference 2019 has something for everyone.

The NCAD Conference 2019 Agenda

This year’s eastern National Conference on Addiction Disorders will take place over fours days. Attendees will be able to participate in dozens of educational sessions and presentations throughout all four days.

There are multiple full-day courses which will cover a variety of useful topics including:

  • Corporate Ethics and Compliance on Thursday
  • Consumer Privacy and Data Security on Friday
  • Ethical Communications in Marketing on Saturday

You also have the option of engaging in a series of informative sessions throughout each day of the 2019 NCAD conference. Session topics include ethics, leadership, as well as recovery for LGBTQ individuals.

Dan Gemp, CEO of Dreamscape Marketing, will be speaking at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders on Thursday at 1 p.m. His presentation will cover tips on marketing for drug rehab centers and how to please the “Google gods” so your website can rank higher. He will teach you how to invest your marketing budget wisely and efficiently. Dan’s talk will help you learn the nuances of ranking high on the Google results page. Gemp’s expertise in organic search and website optimization can provide you with new insight on improving your drug rehab website.

Why Dreamscape Marketing and NCAD 2019 Conference Are a Perfect Pair

As a major marketing agency in the addiction treatment and drug rehab industry, Dreamscape Marketing finds events like the NCAD conference 2019 are essential to what we do. Not only do they afford us ample networking opportunities, but we can also stay up to date on industry news. This ensures that our drug rehab marketing content and website SEO campaigns on topical as well as up to date with the latest information for your clients. Contact us today at 888.307.7304 to learn more about the NCAD conference 2019!