IIBH 2019 Conference: Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare Conference

The treatment of addiction is no simple task. It is not an exact science. Changes and updates to the field occur all the time. This makes annual conferences such as the Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare Conference so valuable. Events like the IIBH 2019 conference can connect you with drug rehab marketing resources and information to help your center and patients thrive. It is perhaps the most comprehensive addiction treatment conference you can attend each year. Dreamscape Marketing often such industry-wide conferences in order to promote our dental marketing services and educate ourselves as well.

IIBH 2019 Conference registration is now open!

About the Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare 2019 Conference

The IIBH 2019 Conference is an important one for anyone who works in or for the addiction treatment industry. For example, the medical field is always in flux, and the Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare Conference seeks to keep attendees up to date on these fast-paced changes. This can help you stay on top of SEO marketing for drug rehab centers and other areas of behavioral health you may not think of. This year’s event will take place from June 20th – 21st, at the Factory at Franklin in Nashville, Tennessee. Register today!

IIBH 2019 Conference Agenda

The two-day event will have a different theme for each day. Day one focuses on the “Voice of the Patient.” It involves an in-depth look at new treatment techniques as well as unique treatment adaptations for specific demographics.

Day two of the IIBH 2019 conference is called the “Voice of the Provider.” On this day, events and presentations will discuss emerging treatment practices and how to build a passionate staff.

Thursday, June 20th

Day one begins with an open meeting and breakfast, followed by the morning keynote address. There is then a small networking period until three different breakout sessions begin. Afterward, attendees get a lunch buffet coupled with an informational session.

After lunch, attendees can choose from two more breakout sessions with a networking break in between. That evening there is a general event presentation and then the day ends with an evening presentation.

Friday, June 21st

Day two also starts out with an open meeting and breakfast option. The morning’s general session is followed by a networking break that leads into the morning breakout sessions. Like day one, day two includes a lunch buffet and lunch session. The afternoon consists of two more breakout sessions, and the day concludes with the evening keynote presentation.

Dreamscape Marketing at IIBH 2019

It is of vital importance to understand the latest innovations in the addiction treatment industry. This includes not only the medical techniques themselves but also competing in the technological advances whenever possible. These technological innovations occur in both the treatment arena and in drug rehab marketing services as well. For example, if your drug rehab website is not up to date, you could be losing out on potential admissions. These are the types of advancements that the Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare 2019 Conference can keep you up to date on. Learn more about these options and more by calling Dreamscape Marketing at 888.307.7304 today!