Which Customers Is Your Drug Rehab Center Losing to Competitors?

Customers most likely to buy a company’s product or service are often called by marketers the “low hanging fruit.” In other words, these are the type of people that the company doesn’t have to work very hard to get. Something about the company, its product or its services resonates with certain customers. Without question, every company depends on these kinds of customers. However, relying exclusively on them means that growth opportunities are never fully realized. Earning prospective drug rehab patients who are a little higher on the tree can be challenging, but necessary.

Drug rehab centers that manage to continually increase their admissions are the ones that are willing to ask a very challenging question…

Who are Prospective Drug Rehab Patients For My Facility?

For addiction treatment centers, a big question needs to be answered: how do you go about getting those prospective drug rehab patients who aren’t considering you? It starts with determining who is already coming to your treatment addiction facility. Look at your admissions and try to find recurring patterns. Does your drug rehab center consistently gain admissions from:

  • A certain demographic? Perhaps, for example, you admit mostly younger people even though there’s a substantial aging population in your vicinity. Seniors are abusing substances at a greater rate than ever. If your center isn’t attracting those patients, you should concentrate more high quality website content on addiction as it relates to seniors.
  • Those of a particular income bracket? For example, if your rehab center doesn’t offer luxury amenities, that’s not something you should shy away from mentioning on your website. In fact, it may be something you want to talk about prominently. Remember that many people disqualify themselves because they see the high price of some luxury facilities and assume all rehab centers are similarly priced. If you offer quality programs without the high fees that a luxury rehab center may charge, that could be your competitive advantage.
  • A specific region? Perhaps your facility has difficulty bringing in patients who aren’t local. This is where SEO (search engine optimization) can be detrimental to your website, if you aren’t prepared. For example, if your website is in Florida and people in Texas do a Google search for drug rehabs, they will see results for facilities in Texas first. You would need web pages that address the needs of Texas residents for them to ever find you.
  • More male patients than female, or vice versa? Little things can influence this. For example, if your website features mostly men in photos, women may think that your facility can’t cater to their needs as females. If you offer gender-specific programs, you will definitely want to highlight this feature in your web content.
  • People abusing one particular substance? Perhaps patients abusing a certain drug are finding their way to your facility more than others. This may be indicative of what drugs are most commonly abused in your immediate area. If your center is perfectly capable of handling heroin addiction, for example, yet you get few of these cases, it’s time for you to create quality blogs and landing pages to aggressively address aspects of heroin addiction so that people looking for heroin rehab will find you.

Increasing admissions in your drug rehab center all starts with excellent marketing. As a Google Partner and Google AllStar, Dreamscape Marketing can help drug rehab centers boast their admissions with its industry expertise and leading-edge digital marketing strategies. Let us take your drug rehab center to the next level of success. Call us today at 877-958-9180.