Call Center Basics for Drug Rehabs: The Insurance Issue Must Be Dealt With

When people call your drug rehab center, they know that they don’t want to continue in their addiction. They realize that they can’t take on the path they are on and their phone call to your center represents just how determined they are to get better. Yet, that determination can be quickly undermined if they perceive no way of being able to pay for their rehab treatment. Many who call want an answer to, “Is rehab covered by insurance?”

The following tip from Dreamscape Marketing’s exclusive whitepaper 10 Things You Should Know Before Answering the Phones at a Drug Rehab Center can help your phone representatives handle this area of concern for prospective patients.

How to Answer, “Is Rehab Covered by Insurance?”

Relatively few people can pay for drug rehab treatment out of their own pocket. It was recently indicated that a startling 63% of Americans don’t have sufficient savings to handle a $500 emergency. In view of this situation, it should come as no surprise that most people will have to rely on their health insurance to pay for drug addiction treatment.

According to a Google treatment center study, 91% of people seeking drug rehab treatment want to know if a facility accepts their insurance plan. If they don’t think that insurance can be used to cover all of at least a portion of the fees, there’s the very real possibility that they won’t pursue treatment. When that happens, the consequences can be serious or even fatal. Fortunately, excellent phone representatives can keep this from happening.

Usually, callers will have little understanding of what their health insurance policy actually covers. In fact, many are unfamiliar with the Affordable Care Act and don’t even realize that insurance often covers a significant portion of their drug rehab treatment.

Many callers are doubtful that they’ll be able to afford treatment. When you can take away those fears, your phone representatives become their heroes. Make sure you answer the question, “Is rehab covered by insurance?”, before they even ask it.

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