Importance of Bing for Senior Living Search Marketing

Mention the search engine Bing in some circles and people will literally laugh at you. Yes, it is a distance second to Google in terms of popularity. However, it’s foolish to discount its ability to drive web traffic to senior living communities. In fact, the importance of Bing for senior living search marketing can’t be overstated.

While Bing gets a fraction of the daily searches that Google gets, we’re still talking about a lot of searches going on… as in about 12 billion searches per month. Senior living marketing must take advantage of such a tool to drive more prospective residents to communities. Let others concentrate their SEO efforts solely on Google. Bing optimization could be just the kind of secret weapon that propels your SEO to new heights.

Looking for a reason to increase your emphasis on Bing for senior living search marketing? Here’s a big one… statistics show that Bing’s US audience is mostly 45 to 54 year-olds in households earning more than $100,000. See the connection here? Bing’s audience conveniently coincides with the age of adult children who are decision makers for their parents’ senior living options. 

Let’s consider a few reasons why Bing may be appealing to this demographic. In turn, these reasons will shed light on why Bing for senior living search marketing makes sense.

Image Scrolling Requires Less Effort

Searching images on Google is actually not the easiest and most convenient experience for viewers. When you open Google images in a side panel, you’re only able to preview a select few images without scrolling down further. Even worse, clicking on the image doesn’t bring up the image, it brings up the host website where the image resides. Then, you have to scroll through the host page to find the image again. Anyone searching images probably is more interested in seeing the full size image than necessarily rushing to another website.

Bing isn’t like this. As a result, image searching in Bing is a better, more convenient experience. Keep in mind that many people may be searching for images of senior living communities. This is especially true if amenities are a major concern. They want to compare the look of apartments, on-site restaurants or common areas. If they’re doing it in Bing, they’re having a better experience. This is a key reason for explaining the importance of Bing for senior living search marketing.

Bing’s Video Search is Surprisingly Advanced

Bing’s video search engine is surprisingly well developed. Video search results make use of very easy-to-view thumbnails that are easily scrolled. In fact, there’s less scrolling involved than if you’re trying to do the same thing on Google. You can also get a preview of the video with audio. Even YouTube’s previews don’t have audio so that’s quite a plus on Bing’s part.

Unlike Google, Bing will allow you to see videos without being diverted to YouTube to do it. This is just one small convenience, but the small conveniences you get with Bing start to add up.

The advantages of your target audience are obvious. If they are searching videos on senior living community websites, Bing makes the process easier. 

Bing’s “My Saves” is Better Than Saving Bookmarks or Favorites

Typically, people use bookmarks for websites that they want to return to. However, when you bookmark a lot of stuff, it’s a chore weeding through them on the browser. Bing offers something better. “My Saves” allows viewers to save their search results in one place. For adult children or seniors considering different senior living communities, this is a very convenient feature. It’s more one instance of Bing’s advantages benefitting your target audience. It’s also a good reason to think more carefully about Bing optimization.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Bing for Senior Living Search Marketing

Bing is never going to overtake Google. The thing is that it doesn’t have to. It’s little portion of the pie is substantial enough that you want to take advantage of it. Bing optimization by senior living marketing makes total sense, given that the adult children of seniors are likely to be its key users. It would be odd to ignore an important demographic as you seek to drive more traffic to your senior living community website.

Clearly, you aren’t going to be ignoring Google. However, just because others ignore Bing doesn’t mean that you should. Bing is still an important search engine. Consequently, Bing for senior living search marketing makes total sense.

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