How to Maximize a Limited SEO Budget

In a perfect world, businesses everywhere would have a huge SEO budget. However, in the real world, few companies have this luxury. Instead, small businesses need to learn how to maximize SEO on a limited budget.

Prudent marketing spending is always important. Take the wrong advice about SEO campaigns from the wrong people and you can easily find your marketing department budget blown. Even worse, you may not have any real results to show for your pain.

SEO on a Limited Budget Doesn’t Have to Mean Limited Results

There’s often an assumption that a limited budget automatically means limited results. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Truly smart SEO strategies are cost effective while also delivering you the results you want.

As you consider ways to maximize a limited SEO budget, Dreamscape Marketing suggests a few practical ways to do this without compromising your goals:

Outsource Certain Tasks

To contain costs, businesses often look to do things in-house. However, that’s not always the best or most efficient use of your employees’ time.

Adding people to your payroll is costly, sometimes very costly. For that reason, it often makes good financial sense to outsource certain marketing tasks to those who have more knowledge and experience on a given subject. These individuals may have access to resources or data that you don’t, which makes working with them logical. This is also very practical for tasks that are required less frequently. By outsourcing, you only spend money when you need to. When you’ve got to work with SEO on a limited budget, outsourcing can make a great deal of sense.

When considering possibilities for outsourcing, Dreamscape Marketing recommends the following:

Robust Link Building

Link building is a highly effective SEO tool. It helps build the reputation of your website. However, it isn’t an easy task to accomplish without the requisite knowledge to make it happen effectively. This is when knowledgeable digital marketers can be helpful. They’ve streamlined the process and can get the ball rolling on a linking strategy much faster than you ever could on your own. In the end, you’ll see benefits faster in the form of higher Google rankings, increased website traffic and better lead generation.

Upping Your Strategy

How’s your strategy doing this minute? Is it where it should be? Do you need a more sophisticated strategy in the next quarter or the next year to reach your goals? All of this can be hard to determine when you’re in the thick of things. 

Outside experts, on the other hand, can offer objective input on strategy development. They may see things you can’t because you’re so close to it. A productive relationship with outside digital marketing experts enables you to get more done than you otherwise could have.

Robust SEO Analysis

A large-scale SEO analysis or audit takes time, often a lot of time. When in-house staff tries to do this on the fly in between their normal duties, they may never finish the job. Even if they do, it’s possible insufficient time was allotted and the results are incomplete. Therefore, SEO on a limited budget often requires these tasks to be outsourced.

Whatever work you do with SEO must be correctly tracked and analyzed. It’s the only way to know whether you’re hitting the mark or if your SEO campaigns need to be adjusted.

Automating Tasks Saves Time & Money

Some SEO tasks are fairly in-depth. As such, they require a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, a number of SEO tasks can be automated. In the end, that can be real cost savings because a human doesn’t have to do them.

In all likelihood, you already have the ability to automate some tasks. For example, Google Analytics allows you to create custom alerts and reports for reviewing certain traffic data. This enables you to spot emerging trends or identify issues that need to be resolved. On your own, you may not spot these things. Automation simply helps out with the process.

Make SEO on a Limited Budget Work For You

As small businesses ponder both traditional SEO and local SEO, it’s important to realize that your SEO strategy doesn’t have to break the bank. Smart, effective SEO strategies don’t necessarily mean a huge monthly spend.

To maximize your SEO budget, it’s wise to work with reputable and ethical digital marketers. Dreamscape Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency, has the knowledge and experience with SEO and local SEO to give you the results you need—without overspending every month. Call us today at 888.307.7304 and let’s talk about how we can maximize your SEO on a limited budget.