Addiction Treatment SEO: How to Win in a Highly Competitive Market

Your consensus is strongly affected by your addiction treatment SEO strategy. Everyone with a detox or drug rehab center knows this. Unfortunately, that creates an unusually competitive marketplace. With so many players, how is it possible to stand out? How is it possible to achieve excellent SEO results in such an environment?

Digital marketing for rehab centers is crucial to your bottom line. However, this task is certainly made more difficult than it has to be by unethical marketers who prey on unknowing facility operators.

Take a look around the internet and you’ll find plenty of examples of unethical addiction treatment marketing. That doesn’t even factor in the novices who try to pass themselves off as SEO experts because they throw around some jargon convincingly. Both of these groups limit what addiction treatment centers can achieve. 

What you need is an addiction treatment SEO strategy from an ethical digital marketing agency. Such a company must also have the deep knowledge and experience to speak with true authority on SEO matters. Digital marketing for rehab centers only works when the right people are doing it.

The following can be the basis of a conversation you should be having with your SEO or prospective SEO company. Their answers will dictate whether they are the right SEO for you.

Organic Search—More So Than Paid Media—Is Where the True Opportunities Lay

Paid media plays a role in website ranking success, there’s no doubt about that. However, it’s organic traffic that should always be your ultimate goal. 

Unfortunately, paid media gets expensive, especially if you’re doing it long term. And, of course, its power ends the moment you stop paying for it. Organic search, on the other hand, is more like a runaway freight train that can’t easily be stopped once it gets going. Clearly, that’s something you want in an addiction treatment SEO strategy.

SEO Statistics You Should Be Aware Of

Consider the following three stats about SEO, courtesy of the Search Engine Journal:

  • A remarkable 70–80% of web users focus on organic results (SEO) rather than paid ads
  • When companies actively blog, they have 434% more indexed pages. The more indexed pages they have, the more leads they get.
  • SEO leads have a substantially higher close rate than direct mail/print advertising, 14.6% versus 1.7%.

No three stats quite ever more clearly illustrate just how important SEO is to your addiction treatment center website traffic. Get your addiction treatment SEO strategy right and you will enjoy a steady stream of qualified leads.

Understand Essential Aspects of Addiction Treatment SEO

There’s only one way to know whether your current website is well optimized and competitive in terms of SEO: an audit. This basic step is one way to eliminate lurking problems buried deep in your website’s backend. More than one website has been undone by basic foundational problems including:

  • Extensive broken links
  • Multiple crawl errors, structured data errors and sitemap issues
  • Robots.txt files that are telling Google to ignore some web pages
  • Not having an SSL certificate
  • Failure to implement canonical tags
  • Uncorrected “404” errors
  • Failure to put alt tags with images
  • Extensive duplicate content
  • Incorrect redirects

There are many things you can do to bolster and enhance your SEO efforts. However, Dreamscape Marketing has found that not getting the basics right is often the biggest problem for many addiction treatment centers.

Stay On Top of Your Blog Content 

If you scour the internet, you find many detox and rehab websites with a blog section that haven’t posted any blogs for a considerable amount of time. Such websites are neglecting a key component of their addiction treatment SEO strategy.

You need to blog to accomplish the following:

  • Increase your organic rankings
  • Rank for your blogs
  • Point back to key core content on your website
  • Have shareable content for your social media presence

Blogs are never a “one and done” proposition. They’re ongoing. It’s one of the key ways to rank for newly popular search terms. To win in a highly competitive market, blogs are one of your most important tools in addiction treatment digital marketing.

Make Your Addiction Treatment SEO Strategy More Effective Than Ever Before

A good SEO strategy is comprehensive, and it involves many moving parts. To be effective, it must be created by SEO professionals who can leverage their knowledge and experience so that you can reach your goals. Dreamscape Marketing, a full-service addiction treatment digital marketing agency, can help you achieve the kind of SEO results you’ve been hoping for. Call us today at 888.307.7304 and let’s discuss your addiction treatment SEO strategy.