How to Market Unique Offerings in Senior Care

Now more than ever, seniors want to live healthier lives during their retirement years, giving smart senior living communities a chance to uniquely market that aspect. Seniors appreciate opportunities to build lean muscle mass and increase their strength as well. A smart marketing program emphasizes various unique offerings to make their senior living communities more attractive.

Many people—especially seniors—have a hard time believing that older adults can keep up with an intensive exercise program. As administrators at any retirement community know, many seniors are perfectly capable of participating in and enjoying exercise programs. Admittedly, it may be a little different than an exercise program geared toward 20-year-olds. Many seniors have minor medical issues that may create imbalance or minor weakness. However, the best senior-oriented programs take these factors into account, a point that facilities should apply to marketing messaging. Seniors need to know that they can enjoy highly productive exercise programs.

Why Marketing Unique Therapies is Important

Marketing niche offerings help establish brand identity. Not only do you familiarize seniors with a therapy or program’s benefits, but you also separate your senior living community from competitors who don’t offer this service. How you go about marketing your unique therapies goes a long way in creating a captivating message about your facility.

To understand the importance of marketing niche offerings, let’s take a look at aquatic therapy, which renowned physicians and therapists recommend as a perfect, low-impact exercise alternative for seniors. During aquatic therapy, seniors can enjoy Ai Chi (the aquatic version of Tai Chi), aqua aerobics, strengthening, flexibility… what they choose is up to them. Emphasize to your audience that aquatic therapy is a beneficial exercise in a relaxing setting, stressing that seniors can work at their own pace. That thought can easily appeal to seniors who are worried about competitive, youth-centric fitness programs.

Aquatic therapy is just one example of using a unique program to leverage potential senior clients. Anything you can offer to set yourself apart from the competition is a feather in your cap.

Marketing unique offerings is just a small part of your company’s presentation. Your website speaks volumes about your company as well. We specialize in senior living-based Website Design & Development. Team up with Dreamscape Marketing today to give your senior living website a distinctive edge over your competition.