Healthcare Marketing Technology Trends in 2021

Healthcare marketing has always been challenging. Yet no one could have predicted the year that was 2020. Clearly, we saw healthcare marketing technology come to the forefront in the year of COVID. It’s an easy bet that in 2021, we will continue to see marketing trends and technology trends tightly intertwined.

The pandemic put an intense spotlight on healthcare marketing technology last year. The lesson was clear: adapting to the swiftly changing situation meant survival. Not adapting meant lost revenue and financial jeopardy.

Dreamscape Marketing sees two clear healthcare marketing technology trends in 2021 that you should be aware of:

Telehealth Isn’t Going Anywhere

The concepts of telehealth and working remotely were viewed similarly before the pandemic. They were both entirely viable but weren’t widely adopted. Then, the pandemic came along and both ideas suddenly became not only necessary but crucial to continued business operation. 

Telehealth became the norm during the pandemic. Although some appointments aren’t suitable for virtual consultations, many are. Through widespread use of telehealth, patients, staff members and doctors were safer as a result. In the process, a comfort level with the technology occurred, due mostly to necessity. Such a comfort level might have taken decades to achieve had there been no pandemic.

In no way will telehealth ever replace more traditional healthcare. However, its advantages make it a valuable addition to the industry. Exactly how it remains is yet to be determined but, no, it won’t just disappear when the pandemic becomes a distant memory.

How Healthcare Marketing Technology Impacts Facilities

Healthcare marketers must use digital marketing to heighten awareness and create demand for telehealth options. To be successful, the following needs to happen:

  • Decide how telehealth integration will look in a post-COVID environment: Is the demand for telehealth going to remain strong when the pandemic begins to fade? Has telehealth worked smoothly? Does anything need to change? What are its advantages and disadvantages? The answers to these questions will help you decide how telehealth remains incorporated into your routine in the future.
  • Make telehealth a permanent presence in your digital marketing materials: it should become a permanent fixture on your website, blog and social media. It’s accepted now and part of the program. Make sure that impression is clear in your marketing messaging. While marketing trends can come and go, telehealth should come across as something here to stay.
  • Market to your audience about telehealth & why it’s here to stay: if telehealth is working well in your facility and patients respond positively, shout it from the rooftop in your content. This is your chance to show that you are a leading-edge provider that cares about making patients happy.

SEO and Content Marketing Decisions Must Reflect the Presence of Telehealth

Any healthcare facility that put their marketing budget on hold when the pandemic occurred quickly learned this was the wrong approach. Dreamscape Marketing’s consistent message throughout the pandemic has been to market your way through it with confidence.

How Healthcare Marketing Technology Impacts Facilities

The pandemic changed the marketing landscape, the effects of which will be with us for a long time. Despite all of the uncertainty that COVID brought, embracing new technology and adjusting marketing strategies to reflect the new normal has meant healthcare facilities could not only survive but thrive. In terms of marketing, the following two are especially important:

  • Hyper-Local SEO: The pandemic made local SEO more important than ever. “Near me” searches exploded during quarantine. That’s not likely to change anytime soon. 
  • Meaningful, Timely Content: Inform patients or prospective patients about telehealth in a way that appeals to their needs. Don’t just say you have it. Tell them in detail why it’s great for them. Explain the benefits. That’s the secret to people valuing your content.

Stay Ahead of the Curve in Healthcare Marketing Technology

Last year, businesses and marketers were faced with enormous challenges by a once-in-a-century national emergency. Some companies thrived, others didn’t. The difference had a lot to do with how well they could adapt to MarTech (the blending of marketing and technology).

As with all marketing endeavors, it’s important to listen to what patients are showing us. What they’re showing us is that they are selective and make choices based on need. As you work to meet the demands of MarTech, it’s wise to partner with a digital marketing company that understands the challenges. 

Dreamscape Marketing’s knowledge of and experience with healthcare marketing technology means your content marketing and technology needs are handled in 2021. For more information about how to make MarTech work better for you, contact us today at 888.307.7304.