Ethically Marketing Substance Use Treatment Centers with Dan Gemp

In this SHARE podcast episode, Kabir speaks with Dreamscape Marketing CEO Dan Gemp about ethical marketing for substance use treatment centers. For years, various types of shady practices have been the norm. Dan gives us the details into why Google stopped accepting paid searches for treatment centers in 2017. He also provides an update on the state of ethical marketing today. This podcast presents an up-to-date and informative discussion about the subject of ethically marketing substance use treatment centers.

A podcast production of Amatus Recovery Centers hosted by Kabir Singh.

In weekly episodes, Kabir sits down with members of the recovery community to discuss a variety of topics about substance use and mental health disorder recovery. In addition to educating the public, SHARE aims to help end the societal stigma surrounding these conditions. Our goal is to bring optimism and hope to those contemplating a life in recovery.