Is Your Drug Rehab Center Following Up On Phone Calls?

It’s a typical scenario repeated over and over at drug rehab centers across the country. A prospective patient calls or emails a rehab facility but is non-committal. Or, this individual leaves a message because phone representatives were with other callers. They receive a promise for a follow up call from the drug rehab center—but it doesn’t happen.

A rehab center behind on follow-up calls is a rehab center most likely headed for trouble. Even if your admissions are good at the moment, it’s easy to develop a reputation as a center that doesn’t return calls. When people don’t receive a follow-up call, they will simply move on to the next rehab center. They also won’t hesitate to mention to friends with substance abuse issues to steer clear of a center that doesn’t return phone calls. Such a reputation can be hard to shake.

Failing to Make a Follow Up Call Will Destroy Even the Best Marketing Efforts

When a drug rehab center expands its marketing initiatives to find more patients, the effects can be immediate. Dreamscape Marketing has helped many rehab centers to exponentially expand the number of phone and email inquiries to their facilities through smart SEO strategies and quality website content. However, even a large response to marketing can go nowhere if a drug rehab facility isn’t fully committed to dealing with the increase in phone and email traffic that is inevitable when a good marketing campaign kicks in.

Drug rehab centers should make it a cardinal rule to return all phone calls within 24 hours without exception. This is the only way to maximize upon your marketing efforts. If you’ve invested in excellent marketing strategies, you deserve to reap the rewards.

Increasing admissions in your drug rehab center all starts with excellent marketing. As a Google Partner and Google AllStar, Dreamscape Marketing can help drug rehab centers boast their admissions with its industry expertise and leading-edge digital marketing strategies. Let us take your drug rehab center to the next level of success. Call us today at 877-958-9180.