Call Center Basics for Drug Rehabs: Document Names and Contact Information Correctly

When your drug rehab center gets calls, you should do whatever it takes to be ready for them. Anyone who answers the phones should possess the personal skills and knowledge of addiction necessary to turn calls into admissions for the addiction treatment facility. It’s also important for them to know how to properly collect contact information from all callers.

Everyone who answers calls should always keep in mind that what your rehab center does is about more than just getting patients into the center’s beds. It’s about helping people. It’s about quite literally saving lives. Your employees should keep those things in mind every single time they pick up the phone.

In the course of our extensive work with drug rehab centers, Dreamscape Marketing has developed practical tips that call centers can use to maximize their conversion rates. The following is just one example from our popular whitepaper “10 Things You Should Know Before Answering the Phones at a Drug Rehab Center.”

Collect Contact Information Correctly

Even the best conversation with a caller can be undone when the center initiates a follow-up call but gets the caller’s name wrong. Calling someone “Mrs. Wright” when she is actually “Mrs. White” can short-circuit the relationship that was established with the initial phone call. A mispronounced name emphasizes that you don’t know the person you’re talking to. In customer service, that can be deadly.

Collecting contact information at an addiction treatment facility can be particularly challenging when you are dealing with people who are upset or under the influence or both. It’s a good idea to learn the phonetic alphabet and use it when you need to confirm spellings of names and addresses. Having correct names and contact information is essential to a relationship with a prospective patient. Your facility’s admissions depend on it.

Increasing admission rates at your addiction treatment center may be easier than you think, and it starts with something as simple as improving the way you handle calls in your call center. Download 10 Things You Should Know Before Answering the Phones at a Drug Rehab Center” and discover how this exclusive whitepaper from Dreamscape Marketing can be a valuable tool for improving your addiction treatment facility’s conversion rates.