Creating Quality Content on Your Drug Rehab Website

Woman creating quality content on your drug rehab websiteIn the world of custom website design and development, you’ll hear a lot about innovative design and navigation. These elements are obviously very important. However, they aren’t everything. The best designed drug rehab website won’t help you if your content isn’t up to date, compelling and highly relevant to the people who land on your page. Creating quality content on your drug rehab website is paramount.

Knowing customers and understanding their needs is the foundation of effective marketing and sales. By anticipating the needs of its customers, a seller is in a better position to motivate them to purchase its products or services. For a drug rehab center, perceiving the needs of prospective patients is crucial if you wish to create content that gets people to pick up the phone and call your facility.


Creating Quality Content on Your Drug Rehab Website Means Understanding Needs

Based on its experience of building hundreds of websites for drug rehab centers and creating more than 50,000 pages of original content, we know a thing or two about quality content. Dreamscape Marketing suggests three qualifiers to always keep in mind for determining the needs of prospective patients:


  • Who are they?
    There are standard questions that you want to know about any audience reading a website or a blog, such as their gender, age, marital status, etc. However, in drug rehab treatment, you also need to be aware of other questions such as… Are they new to addiction? Have they relapsed several times? Do they live in a stable home environment? The answer to each of these questions will have a great effect on determining how to craft your marketing message in content writing.
  • What do they do for a living?
    For example, are many prospective patients business executives or CEOs? If so, that can drastically change what you told about in your landing page and blogs. Business executives and CEOs will likely want to know more about the degree of privacy and the expanded amenities that your drug rehab facility offers. Creating quality content on your drug rehab website requires taking this into account.
  • Why do they seek help right now?
    Have they had a scare? Did they experience an overdose recently? For these types of prospective patients, urgency in your marketing messaging is an especially important factor. They probably know things are spiraling out of control and they’re afraid. Although you don’t want to make concerned readers even more afraid, you do want them to make them realize that they need to act now before tragedy strikes.


Content Should Give Readers a Reason to Take Action

With addiction, the consequences of inaction couldn’t be any clearer… people could die. Clearly, you’re trying to touch upon their fears, and that’s not wrong. In fact, creating a bit of fear was never more justified than when discussing drug or alcohol addiction. As addiction professionals, you know only too well the ever-present danger of tragic consequences for patients who relapse.


In fact, it’s nearly impossible to overstate that danger when you write about it. Effective addiction treatment can quite literally saves lives. Unlike some silly product, your service can mean the difference between life or death for some people. If your copy doesn’t say something to that effect, you’re missing out. You’ve lost an opportunity to motivate readers to do something about their addiction or that of their loved one. You certainly don’t want to go overboard with a lot of “gloom and doom” content, However, creating quality content on your drug rehab website requires being upfront about the very real risks of addiction.


Should You Write Your Own Content?

What if you need high volumes of marketing content for your drug rehab website? That means on-staff writers may become burned out. This is especially true if the type of writing required doesn’t vary greatly from one month to the next. Under these conditions, having only one or two people writing all of your marketing material can often lead to stale writing. This can happen regardless of how good your writers may be.


There’s also the problem of trying to staff for your writing needs. The more material that needs writing, the more writers are required. That means more people to hire, more people to train and more people to insure.


When you outsource your marketing writing, such expenses no longer exist. This also means that in those months when marketing writing needs are minimal, there isn’t a writer in the office with nothing to do. Conversely, if marketing writing needs ramp up suddenly for a few months of the year, the effects can be disastrous on a marketing department with limited resources.


Fortunately, the extra work can be handled (regardless of volume) by an outside vendor. Such an arrangement takes enormous pressure off of a drug rehab center marketing department’s typically limited internal resources. Deadlines that would be impossible to meet with on-staff writers are easily accomplished by outsourcing your writing needs to content experts. You’re most likely to find these individuals at a reputable marketing firm, such as Dreamscape Marketing.


Working with outside writers from a marketing firm is practical. It empowers you to leverage the experience of a wide range of writers who can bring unique perspectives to your marketing writing. As far as managing those writers, that’s someone else’s job now. You get to take advantage of dynamic and industry-trained writers without the hassle of managing them.


Good content is a vital component of creating quality content on your drug rehab website. If you would like more information on how Dreamscape Marketing can help make this happen, call us at 888.307.7304 or email us for more information.