Benefits to Working With a Digital Marketing Agency

Every business is faced with a big question regarding its website. Should you maintain it yourself? Is it appropriate to be doing the work of professional digital marketers yourself? The truth is that there are many benefits to working with a digital marketing agency

Business, especially business in a COVID and post-COVID world, is complicated. The day-to-day operations of any company are enough to take up all of your time. At the end of the day, the last thing you want is to also maintain and closely monitor your website and digital marketing initiatives. And you shouldn’t have to. That’s what professional digital marketers are for. 

Benefits to Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

Is it wise to maintain your most valuable digital marketing asset—your website— yourself? For most companies, it’s not a good idea. Running a business website means work—lots of it. Just routine website maintenance exceeds the capabilities of many businesses. Part of that maintenance is simply trying to monitor Google’s ever-evolving standards of what’s acceptable according to its guidelines. Failure to keep up with Google’s standards is an open invitation to receiving a penalty. For most businesses, this is too much to handle. However, that’s just one aspect. There are many more benefits to working with a digital marketing agency. 

If you have a genuinely dynamic website, what it takes to keep it going is even more time-intensive. Consider the fact that such a website requires about 2,000 words of fresh content in landing pages or blogs each month. That’s right: each month. This probably comes as a shock to some companies that believe simply getting a website live is the main task. 

Also, let’s not forget some other housekeeping chores that are required. This would include re-optimizing older landing pages and blogs, which is a chore in and of itself. Oh, and don’t forget all the work required to devise keyword strategies for upcoming content.

A business website is fairly labor-intensive. One of the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency is that you can pass off these responsibilities to experienced professionals.

What Professional Digital Marketers Do For You

As you consider all of the benefits to working with a digital marketing agency, here’s a list of some of the crucial things that you don’t have to worry about:

Backing Up Your Website

Some company websites are not backed up. That may seem hard to believe but it’s true. In fact, Dreamscape Marketing has seen it happen. Should some hacker attack your website and you aren’t backed up, you could be starting at zero afterwards. Great content, wonderful photographs… all of these could be lost in a hack or simply because a server crashed (which can definitely occur). Backups are what allow you to get back online quickly when the unthinkable happens. 

Updating All of Your Plugins

Plugins are those tiny programs that add functionality to content management systems like WordPress. There are hundreds of plugins available, giving web developers many options.

The only snag is that these plugins have to be updated on a regular basis. In WordPress, it’s easy to see notices about updating plugins. Failure to update plugins will eventually lead to problems in performance or increase the risk of being hacked.

Periodically Refreshing Your Website’s Theme

When you first create your website, you’ve probably worked hard on a theme. Sadly, that theme will become stale and need to be modified and eventually replaced entirely. There’s no such thing as an “evergreen” website theme. Tastes change. Technologies change. Refusing to replace your website theme means that sooner or later, your website is out of date and falling behind the websites of competitors. One of the major benefits to working with a digital marketing agency is that they will always be looking to keep your website on the leading edge.

Doing Routine Software Updates

All of us on PCs notice when Windows wants to do updates. It happens pretty frequently. Web development software has to be updated often as well. WordPress, for example, pushes new features and interfaces in its updates. Since these are often crucial for improving the viewing experience, it’s necessary to keep up on such updates. Also, failure to do so will eventually bring about compatibility issues. Professional digital marketers take care of this so that you don’t. 

The Benefits to Working with a Digital Marketing Agency Are Clear

Maintaining your own website can be either difficult or basically impossible. Why would you ever consider doing this any longer than necessary? Dreamscape Marketing is a nationally recognized digital marketing agency that can offer you effective options for website design and development, as well as maintenance. Call us at 888.307.7304 and let’s discuss your business’ website requirements.