6 Reasons to Redesign Your Addiction Treatment Website

It’s not a stretch to say that your drug rehab website is the most crucial element in your digital marketing strategy. Although social media becomes a larger presence every day, your website is still the foundation of your marketing efforts. All other digital components ultimately lead back to it. That’s why you’ll need to periodically redesign your addiction treatment website. It’s amazingly easy for a website to become outdated these days. Technological changes alone can make an unchanged website a virtual antique very quickly. But it’s not just technology that you need to be concerned about. Tastes change in graphic design and content as well. If competitors are doing a better job keeping abreast of the latest technology and trends, they will outpace you. If you redesign your addiction treatment website, you can stay ahead of the competition. In its experience creating hundreds of websites for drug rehab clients, Dreamscape Marketing has developed the following six reasons why some websites aren’t working. Some of these may apply to your drug rehab website. Others may not:

1. It’s Not User-Friendly Enough

This is number one… and with good reason. Nearly 90% of online visitors are unlikely to return to sites where they’ve had a bad experience. Frankly, this should surprise exactly no one. Most people on the internet have likely landed on thousands of websites over time. They will naturally gravitate toward websites that: 

  • Load fast (make that lightning fast) 
  • Are super easy to navigate 
  • Communicate clearly about what viewers want to know

If your website fails to do all three of these things, you’re in trouble. It means your most valuable digital marketing asset isn’t doing its job. The solution is easy: redesign your addiction treatment website.

2. It Looks Dated

When was the last time you seriously redesigned your website? Was it three or four years ago? If so, guess what? You’re behind the times. Perhaps even way behind the times. That’s an awfully good reason to redesign your addiction treatment website. Rehab centers always want to appear on the leading edge. If your website doesn’t convey that, you’re in trouble. No one has much interest in things outdated. Let’s face facts: there’s a reason things go away. For example, no one in his or her mind would still want dial-up internet service (if you don’t know what that is, fate has blessed you with being too young). No one goes around today talking about how great a browser Netscape was. Absolutely nobody now says Alta Vista was the best search engine ever. Yesterday’s technology is quickly forgotten when better things take their place. There’s why you never want your website to become outdated. It’s essentially the kiss of death from a marketing viewpoint.

3. It’s Not Mobile-Friendly

As smartphones become a greater aspect of everyone’s lives, it’s changed how we get information and how we do research. Now, we use mobile devices more than computers to get on the internet. Yet, there are still websites out there that aren’t mobile-friendly. If those websites don’t change, they’ll go the way of dial-up internet service very soon. Simply stated, no one using a smartphone has the patience to stay on a website that isn’t mobile-friendly. And why should they? You have to spend all your time zooming in just to read anything. Frankly, it’s just not worth it. The solution is simple: redesign your addiction treatment website to be mobile-friendly.

4. It No Longer Reflects Your Brand

Most people actually sort of know what branding is, even if they don’t use that word. Therefore, if your website hasn’t kept up with your current branding, people will notice that something’s not right. It’s also possible that your website never actually promoted your brand in the first place. Neither situation is ideal. And it’s a good reason to redesign your addiction treatment website. At all times, your website should be the shining centerpiece for your branding. When someone lands on your website, three things need to be readily apparent:

  • The website should align with your brand
  • It should show what you do
  • Your dedication & commitment should be obvious

5. Your Content is Ineffective

If people land on your website but it doesn’t inspire them to learn more or contact you, it’s basically useless. There are many reasons why this could happen. However, one of the most likely is that your content isn’t engaging them. Content must do two important things: educate and motivate. Educating your audience is certainly important. However, if all you do with your content is inform, you will always receive fewer phone calls than you should. Your website content must do more than educate. It must also motivate. Your writing must address viewers’ chief concerns. Content needs to show why addiction treatment at your facility will make their lives better. It must also make them understand that they should call you now. In other words, your content must lead them toward the next step. That’s what quality marketing writing does. If you intend to redesign your addiction treatment website, you need to also take a closer look at your content. Ask yourself, is it doing the job?

6. It’s Virtually Invisible on Google

There’s nothing quite as deadly to your website as being invisible in Google searches. Why can that happen? That’s simple: your SEO strategy stinks or it’s virtually nonexistent. Search engine optimization is how you get Google to notice you. Consequently, it’s how you show up in their search results. The better your SEO, the higher the ranking you’ll get. It’s that simple. As you strive to redesign your addiction treatment website, you need to think about turning to a digital marketing firm that is well-versed in SEO strategies. Your web traffic basically depends on being found by search engines.

Is It Time to Redesign Your Addiction Treatment Website?

A dynamic website that engages viewers is a vital aspect of your facility’s digital marketing. Failing to redesign your addiction treatment website when the time comes is one of the worst mistakes you can make. When the time comes, make sure you tap the knowledge and expertise of a qualified digital marketing company. The right experts can help make your web redesign a remarkable success. When it’s time to redesign your addiction treatment website, it’s time to talk with the experts. Dreamscape Marketing, a Premier Google Partner, is a leading digital marketing firm in the addiction treatment space. In fact, we were recently recognized as a top SEO agency in the US. We’ve created or redesigned hundreds of websites for our rehab clients. Contact us today at 888-307-7304 or via our “Contact Us” webpage. Let’s open the flood gates on your web traffic.