Many people don’t approach SEO campaign management from a very human perspective. They focus on keywords and data Woman using user profiles on laptopanalytics, but they don’t consider user experience as much as they should. This is ironic because, as digital marketers, our entire focus should be on what will make people act. After all, user action is directly linked to your conversion rate optimization. This need for humanity and empathy in SEO is the reason why we need user profiles.

What Are User Profiles?

User profiles (aka personas) are quasi-fictional characters you create to represent your user-base. Through research, you can identify the types of people who buy your product or service, and begin to narrow them down into “types” of people. Let’s say you run an addiction treatment facility. There are a number of types of people who may come looking for your services.

You may have parents with children who deal with addiction. There may be adults looking for help for their spouse or friends. You might get a young adult who is recognizing the signs of addiction in themselves. One of your potential website users may even be a working professional trying to keep their career on track. Through a little bit of woodshedding, you can narrow down the list to a few consolidated user profiles.

User profiling lets you write more attractive, relevant content for users. It also lets you better understand the behavior of your potential customers and how to get their attention.

The Value of User Profiles

There are a few reasons why user profiling is so effective.

More Engaging Content

For one, when you write content under a persona, it’s more interesting to the reader. The likelihood of someone clicking on an informational blog post about addiction treatment is probably lower than the chances of someone clicking on a more personalized story. The more engaging and helpful the content is, the more people use it. The more people that use your site, the more valuable your backlinks are and the more Google trusts you.

A Deeper Understanding of Your Target Demographic

User profiles also help you target your strongest demographics more specifically. A number of factors play into this. You can consider the demographics of your user base. This is where data analytics becomes very helpful. What kinds of people are using and interacting with your site? Is there a concentration of a certain demographic? Are there patterns of age, occupation, geographic location, or level of employment? Do they describe themselves as a parent, a working professional, or a musician?

This information may reveal more about their social dynamics. If you can identify what kind of brands or websites attract your target demographic, you can focus your linking on those kinds of sites. User profiles also give you a chance to study the patterns of these demographics when they use your site. Is there a most popular page on your site amongst this target audience? Does that popular page have an easily accessible “contact us” link somewhere?

Organic Growth

As you can see, the point of user profiling is to maximize the effectiveness of your content. Too many agencies will try to boost your SEO by just overloading your site and backlinks with empty, useless content. Their approach focuses all on keywords and doesn’t consider the human side of marketing. With user profiles, however, you can focus your energy on optimizing your best content and effectively promoting it to your target audience.

Ready to Upgrade Your SEO?

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