At Dreamscape Marketing, our goal is to increase your customer base by expanding your brand’s web presence. Through our man on the customer journey in coffee shopexpert SEO campaign management, we hope to guide potential customers to your site and keep them there. To do this, we must be aware of the customer journey and the critical role it plays in your conversion rate optimization.

What is the Customer Journey?

Think of the last time you bought something online. What led you to the specific site where you made the purchase? If you needed headphones, did you Google “headphones with good sound quality” or “affordable headphones” to start the search? How did you become aware of the digital presence of the brand that you chose? The path that leads from interest to purchase is called the customer journey, and it’s a critical part of SEO.

Did the customer see an advertisement for your product? Perhaps a friend recommended the brand to them? Maybe the customer has already purchased something from you before and liked it? To understand the customer journey we must understand what we, as marketers, are promising the customer and if the company is delivering on those promises. This is all done to improve conversion rates. If, after visiting your site, the customer purchases something or reaches out to contact you, then you have created a successful conversion.

The Customer Journey Map

In order to visualize and plan for the customer journey, many people opt to create a “map.” A map, in this case, is simply a step-by-step outline of the customer journey. There are multiple ways to break it down, some more complicated than others. For the sake of simplicity, we will use a 4-step model here.


The first step of the customer journey is awareness. Awareness is how and when the customer becomes aware that your company or product exists. This could be because they see an advertisement or because they see your company towards the top of the search results on Google. Awareness is probably the most SEO-centric step of the customer journey.

Getting your company to show up near the top of Google’s results page is one of the best things you can do for your company. This is where Dreamscape’s brilliant SEO campaigns and brand management really shine. It’s our goal to boost the public awareness of your business.


In this stage of the customer journey, the customer is deciding whether or not to make a purchase. They may be deciding between your brand and a different brand. They may simply be deciding on whether or not to make the purchase at all. Either way, a few key factors become very important in this stage.

For one, there are reviews and testimonials. What do people say about your product? Can you find any reviews in the first place? Have people discussed your brand on social media and, if so, what do they have to say about it? This step can be tricky for many companies because it’s no longer just about having your brand in the public sphere. It’s now about what the public sphere has to say about your brand.


In this step, the customer finally makes the purchase. They navigate the purchasing system of your website and they order your product or service. This is where customer satisfaction comes into play. What was promised and what was delivered? Did you meet the customer’s expectations? Was the purchasing process cumbersome or easy?


The last step should be every company’s goal. If a customer feels satisfied by your product, you immediately begin to build trust. This trust has a number of significant benefits. For one, the customer is very likely to return to your company if they ever need something else that you provide.

Perhaps more significantly, they will refer you to other potential customers. Whether they leave a review, mention you on social media, or talk you up to a friend, these actions affect the other steps of the customer journey. The more people that are loyal to your brand, the more awareness the public will have of your existence. More positive reviews means that consideration is more likely to move to conversion. This will result in Google “trusting” you more and subsequently ranking you higher in their search results.

Dreamscape’s Role in the Journey

Customer relationship management is one of Dreamscape Marketing’s greatest strengths. Our expertise in SEO and custom website design will help people notice and trust you. If you’re ready to improve your company’s web presence, call us at 888.307.7304.