Why Are Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Services So Important for Your Rehab Center?

How many patients go for addiction treatment or mental health treatment only to relapse very quickly afterwards? There are many possible reasons for this. One of the most obvious is that these patients weren’t receiving co-occurring disorder treatment services.

Admittedly, not all mental health treatment centers or addiction treatment centers offer dual diagnosis treatment. If you provide this valuable treatment option, it needs to be aggressively promoted.

The truth is that large segments of the population don’t understand the very concept of co-occurring disorder treatment services. There is often a poor understanding of the fact that drug addiction may accelerate mental illness or vice versa.

This message is especially valuable to people who have relapsed into drug addiction because they never received the mental health diagnosis or treatment they needed. Co-occurring disorder treatment services can be the way they are finally able to get their lives back together. It goes without saying that this idea must be translated into all messaging contained in your dual diagnosis treatment center marketing. 

Why Dual Diagnosis Treatment Matters More Than Ever

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that there should be a distinct focus on a continuum of care that covers both addiction and mental illness. A number of drug rehab treatment centers are now able to provide patients struggling addiction with an individualized treatment plan for mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

Sadly, many people with co-occurring disorders are often treated for either addiction or mental health issues but not both. When that happens, treatment is often destined to fail. Addiction patients with untreated mental health issues quickly relapse. Mental health patients with untreated addiction problems often regress rather than progress in treatment. 

The need is clear. The only thing that remains is determining the best way to reach your target audience about the availability of co-occurring disorder treatment services.

Brand Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Services Through Digital Marketing

There are a variety of digital marketing channels that you can use to educate prospective patients about dual diagnosis treatment, including:

  • Landing pages: Clearly, you’ll need landing pages that explain the need for dual diagnosis treatment. Remember also that it may be necessary to address dual diagnosis treatment in a separate web page designed just for family members.
  • Blogs: Through monthly content marketing, you can approach dual-diagnosis treatment from various angles. Perhaps you can cite case studies that demonstrate how successful dual diagnosis treatment can be. It’s also a good idea to cite any statistics that support the idea that dual diagnosis treatment helps to keep patients from relapsing.
  • Social Media: This is a good place to reach out and directly address particular concerns people may have. Social media, of course, is a good avenue to remind alumni of the success they’ve experienced with co-occurring disorder treatment services. These successes can be shared with friends or family members who may be struggling with co-occurring addiction and mental health issues. 
  • Video content: Nothing makes a greater impression than video content. Whether videos are about aspects of dual diagnosis treatment or testimonials from doctors or patients, they give you instant shareable content. This, of course, is especially valuable on social media.

Make Marketing Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Services Easier

Dual diagnosis treatment center marketing is a challenge. That’s why co-occurring disorder treatment centers must partner with the right digital marketing company to properly brand their dual diagnosis services. 

Reach out to your target audience the right way—with smart marketing choices. Dreamscape Marketing, a nationally recognized leader in behavioral health marketing, has the knowledge and experience to bring more people to this crucial treatment option.

Dual diagnosis treatment is an excellent way to help keep patients from relapsing. Contact us today at 888.307.7304 and let’s discuss how to market your co-occurring disorder treatment services.