What’s the Best SEO Company For Drug Rehab?

Finding the best SEO company for drug rehabTrying to decide on the best SEO company for drug rehab centers can be a challenging process. Most make promises but not all deliver. Some can certainly deliver, but not in a way that helps your facility over the long term.

In the world of SEO companies, there are some shady operators who are more than anxious to “guarantee” higher rankings in weeks or even days. To make this happen, they’ll likely resort to aggressive spam techniques or paying large amounts for Google AdWords, neither of which are helpful for their client over the long term. Such practices can damage the good reputation that drug rehab centers strive so hard to maintain. In the quest to achieve better ranking, addiction treatment facilities shouldn’t sacrifice their good name in the process.

The Best SEO Company for Drug Rehab Does What’s Best For You

Unscrupulous SEO companies will have you believe that big SEO results can happen within a month or two. However, that’s not very realistic. Six months is a lot more realistic. The best SEO company for drug rehab centers will initiate an SEO campaign that looks something like this in the first six months:

First Month

At this stage, the building blocks for successful SEO are implemented, including research and discovery, a website technical audit (covering areas such as internal linking, crawlability, URL parameters, server connectivity, and response codes) and keyword strategy. The research and discovery phase affects the timing of other phases down the line. Some research and discovery will finish quickly. Other research and discovery may easily exceed the first month, depending on the condition of the existing website.

Second Month

Once the audit results are in, changes can start being made to the website. Depending on the audit results, a website may need anything from minor tweaks to a major overhaul that takes months. During this work on the website, other work can be started as well, such as the link profile or content creation (revising existing content or creating new content based on the findings from the research and discovery phase). Remember that even if changes are made to the website, it’s still too soon to see any real results yet.

Third Month

At this stage, you will focus primarily on generating quality content. This would include such things as blogs, whitepapers, FAQs, etc. Depending on how the budgeting is structured, this can begin in month two or begin in month three. When this quality original content is posted, rankings should improve. However, don’t expect 200% increases in web traffic. While such increases aren’t impossible, they are unlikely to happen at this stage in the proceedings.

Fourth Month

Content will still be in the process of being created (depending on the site’s needs, this could take several months to complete). During this month, take time to eliminate low quality links, which hinder rather than help your site. As all of this takes place, there should be a noticeable increase in rankings and traffic.

Fifth Month

By now (or even earlier, if possible) the best SEO company for drug rehab will make sure that you’re leveraging social media to reinforce your content and drive traffic to your website. Remember that social media is a particularly good way of getting qualified leads to your website, which is the biggest factor for increasing your admissions.

Sixth Month

If you reach 5,000+ visitors to your website each month, you should consider conversion rate optimization. This enhances the way in which traffic converts into leads and admissions. Barring any modifications that need to be made to the SEO strategy, from this point on the machine is set into motion. Moving forward, you will focus on the creation of on-going original content such as blogs and topic-specific landing pages.

SEO firms will typically say that it takes four to six months to start seeing results, which is usually true. However, the important word is “start” seeing results. The best SEO company for drug rehab knows that good SEO has a snowball effect. Ideally, the results at 12 months will be markedly better than at four months. Eventually, even the best results will begin to taper off. At that point, it may be more of a matter of maintaining results than growing them, depending on your situation.

Questions To Ask An SEO Company

What’s the best time for hiring an SEO? Definitely when you’re in need of a site redesign or if you’re launching a new website. In either circumstance, a good SEO can ensure that your website is search-engine friendly, regardless of how extensive your site may be.

You should do the following with an SEO company:

  • Ask for examples of their previous work. Also, request examples of their success stories.
  • Ask whether the company follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. (Google is the dominant search engine. Websites have to essentially play by their rules to get good rankings.)
  • Is the SEO a Google Partner?
  • How many Google-certified people work at their company? (Hint: Look for more than one or two people being certified.)
  • Inquire about what sort of results you should expect to see. In what timeframe will they happen? Also, ask the SEO how they measure the success of their efforts.
  • Ask if the company has extensive experience in the addiction treatment industry. We’re talking about a very specialized field. Don’t work with a company that doesn’t have the necessary knowledge of your field.
  • Ask the SEO about what it considers its most important techniques.
  • Inquire how long the SEO has been in business. A neophyte SEO company cannot deliver what a seasoned one can.
  • Ask about the line of communication. How and when will they share information with you regarding changes made to your website? Will they provide detailed information about why they have made changes?

The answers to such inquiries help determine the best SEO company for drug rehab centers.

The Best SEO Company For Drug Rehab Builds Your Reputation

The last thing your addiction treatment center needs is to work with an SEO that uses unethical methods to manipulate search engine results. When websites violate Google’s guidelines, websites wind up penalized. That’s a black mark on your center’s reputation.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do SEO for drug rehab centers. Make sure you work with an SEO company that does it the right way. Call Dreamscape Marketing at 877-958-9180 to learn about SEO and our suite of digital marketing services

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