What Do Agencies Include in SEO Campaign Services?

Companies today are painfully aware of the fact that their website is critical to their business. On the other hand, it’s easy to be mystified by the endless buzzwords and acronyms involved. You need SEO. You know that. However, what exactly are you paying for when you sign up for SEO campaign services?

On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO

They’re such mundane terms yet they have everything to do with your website’s ability to get traffic. Consequently, let’s be sure what they mean.

In short, on-page SEO means anything to do with your website… things that you control directly like how you choose to make links, web design, etc. Off-page SEO is everything that you don’t have direct control over. This would include link building and any strategies that include websites that you don’t own.

Sometimes, there’s a bit of overlap between on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Also, some companies can exert more control over off-page SEO than others, depending upon how authoritative they are.

Technical SEO

Wait, isn’t all SEO technical? In this case, it’s actually talking about the architecture of a website. Google looks at your technical SEO and wants to see the following:

  • A linking structure that is clean and logical
  • Header tags that have been used properly
  • Legitimate 301 redirects
  • A decent page load speed
  • A mobile-friendly design

All of these elements are basics. They are part of a solid foundation of your website. They must be done correctly. It’s upon these basics that so many other aspects of SEO campaign services rest.

Keyword Research

What words are people using when they search at any given time? That’s what keyword research needs to answer.

While keyword research seems like a simple enough idea, it winds up being a lot of work. Also, it’s work that never ends. What makes a good keyword versus a bad keyword? Knowing the difference will have a profound impact on your website’s ranking.

Link Building & Other Types of Outreach

Link building is a contest where you’re trying to get as many links from authoritative websites as possible. When Google sees respected websites linking to you, your reputation with them goes up. The result: higher ranking.

Link-building strategies you can employ would include the following:

  • Having videos, infographics and guest posts that other websites want to share
  • The inclusion of your website on established, respected directories
  • Content that is compelling enough that other sites want to link to it

Quality Content Creation

A smart SEO strategy only works if fantastic content is there to back it up. Without it, the entire effort becomes pointless. Relevant, well-written content is the whole reason others will take you seriously and it’s why they will link to you. Great content if definitely a key aspect of SEO campaign services.

Creating excellent content is not an easy task. Remember that good content has to be generated consistently. Google sees that as you adding value to your website. Using excellent keyword research as a guide and expert technical SEO, you are well on your way to having a website that ranks well in Google.

Research on the Competition

Regardless of how effective or ineffective your SEO campaign may be, there’s always the matter of what your competitors are doing. Do you know? You need to. Are they doing things that you need to do? Are you ahead or behind them in terms of effective SEO? Again, you need to know.

One thing you definitely want to know is which keywords do competitors outrank you for. Also, you want to know which keywords they aren’t using so you can swoop in and start using them. What topics are they writing about? How are they promoting that content? These are all valuable things to know in any discussion of SEO campaign services.

Preventative Negative SEO

Backlinks aren’t all the same. Some are good and some are bad. The bad ones can actually do harm to the authority of your website. Don’t forget that the more authoritative your website is, the more likely it will be that Google gives you a high ranking.

Are You Getting the SEO Campaign Services You Need?

As the preceding information should show, SEO is a comprehensive process with many moving parts. If you’re looking for SEO campaign services from a digital marketing company with the credibility and ethical marketing standards you want to see, Dreamscape Marketing is here for you. Contact us today at 888.307.7304 and let’s discuss your SEO strategy for 2021.