virtual conference tradeshow software platformVirtual trade show software has advanced greatly in recent years, which makes all-virtual sales experiences more viable than ever before. With their low costs and ability to provide excellent ROI, virtual trade shows have become integral to exhibitors and event marketing pros.

As a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual conferences provide businesses with the ability to dramatically slash travel expenses. Now, barriers to entry are greatly reduced, which encourages a far greater variety of exhibitors and attendees. With no limits on the number who can attend, companies can now share their stuff with a potentially massive online audience.

With its tradition of always staying on top of leading-edge technical innovations, Dreamscape Marketing is proud to introduce you to our virtual trade show platform service for industry conferences.

Upcoming Conferences Using the Dreamscape Virtual Conference Solution:

Host a MarTech Conference

Our platform is a complete online solution that dynamically builds, supports, and delivers an online experience that: 

  • Effectively translates the value of your in-person event 
  • Delivers an engaging experience to your audience 
  • Drives revenue for your organization

Why Dreamscape Marketing for Your Virtual Trade Show Platform?

  • We’re a marketing company with more than 15 years of real-world experience. 
  • We attend over 50 conferences and trade show events every year across a range of verticals. 
  • We know the elements and practices that produce a successful event for both attendees and organizers. 
  • We’re an industry-leading technical development team. 
  • We have an entrepreneurial agency spirit at our core. 
  • We have the knowledge and experience needed to design a virtual conference solution that exceeds all client expectations.

The Dreamscape Marketing Virtual Trade Show Platform Can Effectively Meet All of These Needs

  • Full-Featured Conference Site
  • Custom Ticketing & Registration
  • Custom Sponsorship Tiers & Features
  • Flexible Sessions
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall & Booths
  • Zoom® Video Conference Integration
  • Attendee Portal
  • Sponsor Portal
  • Administrative Reporting
  • Event Support

Full-Featured Virtual Conference Site

  • Highlight Speakers
  • Showcased Event Schedule
  • Fully Branded Design
  • Generate Attendee Interest
  • Featured Sponsors

Custom Ticket & Registration

  • Multiple ticket types supported
  • Early bird, single-day, CME, packages
  • Discount codes
  • Multiple payment provider integrations
  • Custom attendee registration fields

Custom Sponsorship Features

  • Custom tiers & pricing
  • Tailored sponsorship features
  • Separate sponsor payment & registration
  • Upload & store virtual booth assets
  • Real-time booth visitor reporting & form submission

Flexible Sessions

  • Session scheduling is flexible & supportive:
    • Single track
    • Multi-day format
    • Multi-track | concurrent sessions

Virtual Exhibit Hall

  • Multiple exhibit layouts
  • Sponsor spotlighting available
  • In-booth dynamic media functionality
    • Multimedia (images, video, VR)
    • Content layouts
    • Calls to action: information request forms, click to call & chat
  • Attendee interaction through actions & gamification

Zoom® Video Integration

  • Direct integration with Zoom web
  • Browse the schedule, marquee sponsors, virtual parade, and virtual exhibit hall within the same browser window as a live conference
  • Multiple layout views for the Zoom webinar, such as split, quarter views, minimal, & pop out screens

Attendee Portal

  • Registered attendees gain portal access
  • Access conference schedule, sponsor content, & more
  • Exhibit hall enabled for viewing before & after conference
  • View sponsor submission forms & favorite sponsors

Sponsor Portal

  • Registered sponsors gain portal access
  • Guided tour of custom booth features, assets, & functionality
  • Exhibit hall listing & booth preview
  • Real-time visitor & submission reporting & exporting

Admin Portal

  • Real-time administrative views:
    • Website visits
    • Ticket sales
    • Revenue
    • Master attendee information export
    • Zoom reporting by speaker
  • Sponsor management
  • Zoom webinar management

Event Support

  • IT support for a smooth experience
  • Day-of technical support & help desk
  • Speaker coaching & analytics support before, during & after sessions
  • Speaker technical support in real-time
  • Speaker follow-up & analytics

Plan Your Next Event with Dreamscape Marketing’s Virtual Trade Show Platform 

Ready to plan your next conference or trade show using a virtual platform? Discover how Dreamscape Marketing’s virtual trade show platform can help you host a far-reaching online event. Reach out to the Dream Team today to get started.

Virtual Trade Show Platform with Gamification

The pandemic has affected every single person. Small business during COVID-19 has been no exception. If the pandemic taught businesses nothing else, it taught them that they have to be extremely adaptable to survive in uncertain times. When large gatherings of people proved impossible across much of the country, trade shows organizers and exhibitors had to make a decision. They could either go virtual or they could go out of business. Fortunately, virtual trade show software has evolved by leaps and bounds, making an all-virtual sales experience an ideal solution. 

Virtual trade show platforms make sense for two reasons: 

  • Gamification makes it more satisfying & fun for attendees 
  • It’s highly cost-effective for the exhibitors

The whole idea of not running up exorbitant costs  by traveling to trade shows is attractive to every business. In fact, virtual trade shows encourage participation from a far more diverse field of exhibitors and attendees than physical trade shows could ever enjoy. Having more eyes on what you’re doing is a bonus of virtual trade shows that has become irresistible to exhibitors anxious to reach as wide an audience as possible. 

There are many compelling reasons to consider joining a virtual trade show platform, such as:

You Will Save a Lot of Money

Budgeting during COVID-19 is so crucial for business. Virtual trade shows are an effective way to save money for your small business. When you can suddenly toss out expenses like airfare, accommodations, meals, etc., the cost of a virtual trade show becomes very attractive. As a result, this opens up trade show participation to a greater variety of exhibitors than physical trade shows ever could. More exhibitors makes for a better, more comprehensive experience for those in attendance.

A Virtual Trade Show Means More Attendees

Without the difficulty of traveling, a virtual trade show can greatly increase the number of participants in attendance. Since there are no physical limitations as to how many people can attend, the sky’s the limit for a virtual trade show. Even better, these bigger crowds offer an advantage physical trade shows don’t.

Big Crowds Mean Big Information Captures

Virtual trade shows enable you to track qualified leads in a way that was nearly impossible with a physical trade show. With a physical trade show, you’ve got a standard attendance report. Big deal! With a virtual trade show, precise data allows you to track attendees very carefully. For example, you can know a lot about each attendee, such as what brought them there, where they went, what videos they watched, and who they talked with. That’s valuable information when you’re trying to determine qualified leads.

Virtual Trade Shows Mean More Exposure For Exhibitors 

A physical trade show lasts a couple of days and then it’s history. Virtual trade shows, on the other hand, don’t have that kind of time limit. Want it to last a week? Two weeks? A month? Longer? Want it to be permanent? Done.

Having access to leads for an extended period of time beats the limitations of a physical trade show. That’s why a virtual exhibit hall with gamification on our virtual conference platform makes so much sense.

Gamification Means Greater Engagement

What is gamification? It’s the process of introducing game-like components into what would be considered a non-game environment. It’s designed solely to elevate participation by using game techniques people like and are familiar with. Unlike a stale virtual presentation, gamification encourages collaboration and interaction.

Gamification techniques include things such as:

  • Points for visiting sponsors 
  • Prizes for engaging
  • Leaderboard to make it fun

When done correctly, virtual trade show gamification accomplishes a number of goals, including:

  • Encourages greater participation
  • Keeping participants interested & motivated to continue engaging
  • Promotes learning in ways that are easy to retain
  • Rewards comprehension & recall (prizes)

A Virtual Exhibit Hall with Gamification on Dreamscape Marketing’s Virtual Conference Platform Makes Sense

 COVID-19 certainly threw businesses a curve ball, including their digital marketing/SEO campaigns.However, it also helped drive trade shows in a direction that is ultimately more productive and profitable than ever before. That’s why a virtual exhibit hall with gamification on Dreamscape Marketing’s virtual conference platform is a smart option for exhibitors.

Granted, physical trade shows aren’t going to disappear in the future, at least not altogether. But how can they possibly compete with the power of virtual trades shows in terms of verified qualified leads? How can they compete when the price tag is so much higher than for virtual trade shows? It remains to be seen whether they actually can.