The Best Web Design For Drug Rehab Websites Looks Like This

Learning the best web design for drug rehab websitesA website needs to be fresh, visually appealing and immensely readable. Achieving the best web design for drug rehab websites is the ultimate goal of Dreamscape Marketing. In our experience creating hundreds of websites for drug rehab facilities, we adhere to the following guidelines:

Simplicity should always be a goal

Simple, however, doesn’t mean a lack of design. Remember that two-thirds of individuals with 15 minutes to digest content would rather read something well designed than something plain. The best web design for drug rehab websites is all about a clean, uncomplicated look that successfully engages viewers.

A website’s general appearance invites people to stay or asks them to leave

Especially with the ever-increasing emphasis on mobile website visitors, the idea of small type broken up by tiny images is a thing of the past. Images, buttons and menus should be big and easy to read. Copy should be divided up into short paragraphs, not page-long sections. Online readers can be lazy, so be sure to make it as easy to read as possible.

Dynamic visuals on your drug rehab website matter

A website without animation or videos is unusual these days. These elements add interest and, for some people, are more likely to be looked at than text. To achieve the best web design for drug rehab websites requires a commitment to visually attractive pages that grab the viewer’s attention. A text-only website isn’t even worth uploading anymore.

Passing the scan test is paramount

Can people scan each of your web pages very quickly? Will they get a pretty good idea of what it’s all about at a glance? If not, you need to rethink your design and content. Although good marketing content is important, visuals and subheads do a lot to inform readers of the general idea of what a web page is all about. Visuals aren’t there just to look good, they should also help explain what you’re trying to say.

Whether it’s visuals that make readers feel like they’re actually at your facility or digital media that drive home an important point, make sure your website is visually dynamic. In addition, subheads need to be attention-getting. If they aren’t, people aren’t likely to read what follows. In order to pass the scan test, the best web design for drug rehab websites involves excellent content and design elements.

Visuals and icons should feel exclusive to your addiction treatment center

If the graphics and images on your drug rehab website are generic, you’re doing nothing to set your facility apart from any other. For example, stock photos of people in front of nondescript backgrounds doesn’t brand your facility. Even worse, these stock photos are probably showing up on websites all over the web, perhaps even on a competitor’s website (which happens more than you might think).


Ideally, patients should be seen in what is clearly your facility. Continuity is another consideration. For example, if your facility follows a certain color scheme, it’s very appropriate to incorporate those colors or unique design elements into your website.

White space… you want it

You’ll always hear designers go on and on about “white space.” There’s a good reason for that. Design elements should have room to breathe on a web page. Crowding a page with text and overly busy graphics basically tells viewers, “Go away.” All of that clutter gets very busy and unappealing to view. When a page looks like it’s a chore to get through, readers will likely navigate away from it. In order to achieve the best web design for drug rehab websites, you want your pages to be uncluttered and clean.


The best web design for drug rehab websites doesn’t happen by accident


It takes trained professionals with vast designing experience to create the kind of website that attracts viewers. Dreamscape Marketing can help you create a superior web design. Call us at 888.307.7304 or email us for more information about our web design services.