The Role of SEO in Your Online Reputation Management Strategy

Understanding the role of SEO in online reputation management strategy is key to future growth and profitability. Through the careful coordination of content and search engine results pages, it’s possible to achieve SEO reputation management.

Your online reputation begins the moment someone Googles your company’s name. The first pages that pop up say a lot about you, your brand and your online reputation. Some companies are surprisingly unaware of how hard it is to build an excellent online reputation… or how easy it can be lost.

The Role of SEO in Online Reputation Management Strategy Matters to Your Bottom Line

An  online reputation management strategy depends upon equally effective SEO. Remember that the public’s impression of you or your company is largely based on what they read. Therefore, make sure they read what you want them to read about you. Creating optimized content helps that happen.

As with any discussion of SEO, great content isn’t enough to achieve your desired results. By any measure, it’s certainly essential. However, if you stop there, your website will be largely unseen. Why go through all of that effort without taking the next step? Viewers need to be able to find your content online. The way that happens is when your pages are dominating Google search results.

Effective ways to maximize the role of SEO in online reputation management strategy include the following:

  • All of your web pages should be carefully and thoughtfully optimized so that they receive the highest possible Google ranking. Let’s face it: a great search engine ranking is part of everyone’s idea of an excellent online reputation.
  • Use keyword-rich content in review website pages. Doing so will help viewers find you when they’re specifically looking for reviews.
  • The more positive optimized content you produce, the better. It means there’s less of a chance of negative, unoptimized content showing up prominently in search results and threatening your online reputation.

The Role of SEO in Online Reputation Management Strategy Relies on Excellent Optimized Content

Informative writing can earn backlinks from high-authority domain websites. This, of course, contributes to your online reputation. SEO-rich content you can create includes:

1. Guides Or Tutorial Articles 

Guides and tutorial articles give you a golden opportunity to instruct readers about a particular topic that they may not understand very well. Authoring them isn’t as fast as writing a simple blog and the long-term SEO advantages make the effort worthwhile. And, of course, the better the tutorial, the greater the chance others will link to it.

2. Videos

Video serves several vital functions for your online reputation. In the first place, people watch videos. In fact, they’re more likely to watch videos than read written content. In addition, video content improves your overall SEO ranking when videos are incorporated into your web pages. Increasing the amount of video content on your website builds your online reputation and reinforces your brand.

3. Whitepapers 

Whitepapers are an excellent way to demonstrate your authority on a subject. In addition, you can establish yourself as an educational resource for your customers. The internet is awash with millions of opinions and viewpoints. Authoritative whitepapers enable you to rise above the noise and increase the authority of your business. If you wish to be a thought leader in your industry, whitepapers can help make that happen.

4. Create Content For Other Authoritative Websites 

While uploading quality content to your own website helps it to rank, getting your writing on the authoritative websites of others can help. Eyes that aren’t finding your website may find you on another website. An added bonus is that your author’s bio on these authoritative websites can serve as a goldmine for SEO-rich keywords.

The Role Of SEO in Online Reputation Management Strategy Can’t Be Ignored

Excellent reputation management through SEO happens when you carefully align all of your marketing, sales and technology initiatives. Too many companies fail to realize the cumulative effects of these efforts. When done correctly, SEO techniques complement each other and help build better ranking results. In turn, a higher Google ranking can help build your online reputation. 

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