5 Reasons Starting Psychedelic Treatment Content Marketing Now Will Have You Celebrating in 6 Months

Johns Hopkins University is currently pouring $17 million1 into researching the benefits and safe use of psilocybin to treat mental health disorders. In 2020, Oregon was the first state to approve psychedelic drugs for various medical conditions, with Colorado passing legislation to legalize these therapies in the 2022 midterm election. The tides are turning for this effective treatment. Are you ready?

These life-altering drugs will be available to the general public sooner than you think, which is an excellent development for patients who will benefit from psilocybin treatment. That means the time to step up your psychedelic treatment content marketing is right now!

What is Psychedelic Treatment Content Marketing?

Content marketing is about creating original, typically written assets promoting a business or organization. In the case of psychedelic treatment, the function is to promote a medical practice or a treatment center that offers those services.

Granted, the word “content” is a bit ambiguous. So what are we talking about, really? The “content” in content marketing should educate, assist, and delight readers so they’re persuaded to seek an organization’s services or products.

Unlike traditional advertising, content marketing isn’t sales copy. Instead, content marketing is an approachable way to indirectly inform people about what your treatment center offers.

All types of businesses, including medical groups and treatment centers, should be taking advantage of content in their digital marketing strategy. About 84% of companies have a content marketing strategy, and 51% say their efforts are going well.2 Another 11% say their content marketing assets are performing excellently.

Results like these don’t happen overnight. A lot goes into content marketing tactics, and success depends on what and how content marketing is used.

What are the Types of Psychedelic Treatment Content Marketing?

There are four kinds of content marketing that are most commonly used. Some work better for psychedelic treatment than others, although all of them, when executed correctly, can positively impact your conversion rate. Here are a few content solutions best-suited for psychedelic treatment content marketing.

1. Blogs

Blogging is one of the most popular kinds of content marketing. Most organizations with a content marketing strategy include blogs in their plans. These original articles are attention-grabbing, helpful, and, yes, even entertaining. Although the ideal blog length for search engine optimization (SEO) is 1,500 to 2,000 words, these articles range anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of words.3

The subject matter of blog articles is what really makes them attractive because they don’t typically focus on an organization’s mission. Rather, these articles focus on topics that will inform and assist current and future clients.

For example, a Medicare healthcare brokerage for seniors might write blogs about make-ahead Thanksgiving side dishes or the best all-inclusive resorts for seniors. While these aren’t products or services that the healthcare brokerage offers, they are on topics that may be of interest to those users. Blogs aren’t a place to directly present your products and services. They’re an opportunity to build trust and credibility with your audience and your industry at large.

This type of content marketing takes work. But when organizations prioritize blogging, they’re 13 times more likely to see a positive return on their investment.4

2. Podcasts

Podcasts are the audio version of blogging, but more interactive. The host talks about issues important to your audience without directly presenting a sales pitch for your organization.

From the outside, podcasting looks easy. In truth, podcasts take more time and planning than writing a blog. You need to craft your remarks, research your topic, and reach out to an expert for input and third-party verification. All that before professionally recording, editing, and distributing the final product.

Podcasts work well for mental health treatment centers with a dynamic team member (or members) who have the confidence and personality to command a show while delivering value to listeners. If you know someone with valuable insights who can engage and entertain listeners, a podcast might be right for your mental health treatment center.

In the mental health field, the human element of your digital assets is paramount. And podcasts are all about humanity. They lend themselves to recovery stories, healthy living tips, and information on up-and-coming treatment options, like psilocybin.

3. Social Media

Perhaps the most well-known form of content marketing, social media is a haven of content. Everything from your daily posts, to event invites, poll questions, and even photos and videos constitute content on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are all social media platforms where you create a page or profile for your center and begin connecting with the outside world. For most mental health treatment practices, Facebook is the most popular option. But Instagram is also a great place to share photos and success stories. And YouTube is not only the world’s leading video sharing site, but the second biggest search engine after Google—and with YouTube searches feeding into Google rankings, an important contributor to your overall digital marketing strategy.

4. Video Content

People prefer video content marketing over all formats. Videos are easy to watch and even easier to understand, which is why 54% of people say they’d rather watch videos5 than consume any other kind of content.

Videos are also versatile. Want to create a virtual tour? Make a video. Have a great story about a patient or employee? Make a video. Expanding and updating your center? Make a video. See what we’re getting at here?

And not only should you make videos about multiple topics in different styles, but you should also share them on each one of your marketing platforms. When you make videos, post them to all your social channels—your website, your newsletter, and anywhere else your patients or their families interact with your content.

When is the Right Time to Create Psychedelic Treatment Content Marketing?

We know what you’re thinking. All these content marketing ideas sound great, but psychedelic treatment still isn’t legal. Wouldn’t starting content now be a waste of time and money?  Absolutely not.

Content marketing is all about the long game. Experts say that most content marketing strategies take between six to nine months to yield results, unlike paid ads and other more immediate marketing tactics.6

So the right time to start psychedelic treatment content marketing is now. Now is when you need to establish a base of material that will be indexed by Google and ready to go the moment psilocybin treatment becomes legal. You have the opportunity to establish yourself as an industry leader. Choose proactive marketing instead of reactive!

What are the Benefits of Psychedelic Treatment Content Marketing?

There’s a reason why so many marketers across a wide swath of industries swear by content marketing strategies. They work, and they work well. Here’s what to expect from content marketing.

Benefit #1: It’s Affordable

Of course, you want to get the most out of your marketing budget. Fortunately, content marketing is far more affordable than traditional marketing, the former costing 64% less than the latter.7

Benefit #2: Better SEO

The end game for most digital marketing endeavors, including content marketing, is to improve your SEO. The better your SEO, the more prospective patients will find your content, and the more people who see your content, the more patients you’ll welcome to your center.

Content marketing has a direct impact on SEO. Blogging, for example, earns websites 97% more backlinks, which is a crucial ranking factor.8 Why? Because the more content you have on the web, the more likely other website owners will notice, like, and link to your content.

Another SEO boost comes from your number of indexed pages. Content marketing inevitably creates a lot of pages. For instance, websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t.9 And the more pages you have, the sharper your SEO will be.

Benefit #3: Lead Generation

Content marketing creates three times as many leads as traditional marketing tactics.10 This means that not only does this form of marketing decrease your overall investment, but you’ll also experience a better return on that investment.

We aren’t the only ones noticing the superior value of content marketing. Take Twitter, for example. Their account insights show that 66% of users have discovered a new business on their platform.11 Another 69% have bought a product because of a tweet, and 94% intend to buy a product from a company they follow.

Benefit #4: Engage Your Audience

Many marketers favor content marketing not only for the affordable lead generation, but also because they want to engage their customers on a deeper level. And that’s exactly what content marketing does.

Seventy-two percent of marketers believe content marketing has increased engagement with their customers.12 As engagement increases, so too do trust and credibility, which are crucial conversion factors.

Benefit #5: Enhance Social Channels

Your social media channels need content, and the more content you create, the more material you have at your disposal. Just under 90% of marketers reported social media pages as the best place to distribute their content.13

And the benefits here go both ways. The more interesting, insightful information you post to your pages, the more engagement you’ll get from your followers! Interested in learning more about creating an impactful psychedelic treatment content marketing plan? Dreamscape Marketing can help. Contact us at 888.307.7304 to schedule a strategy session.



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