How’s Your Psychedelic Treatment Center Website Schema?

Have you ever done research without the internet? This might sound a little crazy, but even just two short decades ago, hitting the books in the library was still pretty standard.

You may have used a computer to figure out if the library had any relevant reference material, but after that, it was just you and the Dewey Decimal System.1 You’d write down the location of the book, find the aisle where the book was supposed to be, and then hunch over to read the tiny numbers and letters on the spine of each book to find the one you were looking for. Usually with less-than-desirable lighting.

When you finally found your resources, you sat down and got the information you needed from each book by manually writing it down or, if you were lucky, photocopying the pages.

What a system. Looking back, that anyone was able to ever graduate college, let alone a master’s program, in a timely manner is amazing.

But what was just described has significant implications, because even though no technology was involved, this was a sophisticated system for organizing data. Humans have been instinctually organizing data, whether they realized it or not, for several thousand years. Although the Dewey Decimal System was perhaps the most groundbreaking.

Those little numbers and letters on the spine of each book? They weren’t random. They directly corresponded to categories of data. In fact, most librarians could tell you the topic of a book just by seeing the call numbers. 

And, as your starting to market your psychedelic treatment center, you need to understand how systems of organization can improve your reach.

What is Psychedelic Treatment Center Website Schema?

Schema is no different. It’s the Dewey Decimal System for the internet. Psychedelic treatment center website schema is how the information on your web pages is categorized so search engines like Google can understand what the pages are about.

According to Oxford Languages, schema means “a representation of a plan or theory in the form of an outline or model.”2

And that’s a great definition because schema categorizes your psychedelic therapy center’s website pages in the form of an outline. This lets internet entities understand the relationships between the concepts and ideas around psychedelic treatments that should be mentioned on every page of your site.

Technically speaking, schema is a form of structured data, and there are two hierarchies: one for the actual value of the text and another for what’s being described. Each hierarchy is divided into classes which, in some cases, are subdivided like branches on a tree.

Those branches might consist of:

  • Creative works (books, movies, music)
  • Events
  • Products
  • People
  • Organizations
  • Products
  • Local businesses
  • Recipes
  • Medical conditions

But these are just a few of the many schema classes you can use to structure your psychedelic therapy center’s data.

How Does Schema Help Your Ranking?

There are different ways schema can improve your ranking for your targeted psychedelic treatment keywords. But despite the many benefits, less than a third of websites use a schema markup.3 As a you market psychedelic treatments, using schema on your website can elevate your site above the competition.

Keep in mind, Google hasn’t acknowledged schema as a ranking factor. But there’s evidence to support that schema markup does increase the chances that your website will be featured in a rich snippet.

Rich snippets are enhanced search results that are larger and more informative than their standard counterparts. These results are clicked 58% of the time, compared to 41% for standard search result listings.4

Another benefit of adding markup to your psychedelic treatment center website schema is voice search. Voice-activated devices rely on structured data to accurately answer spoken queries. And this is a rapidly growing search space because 20% of mobile searches are verbal.5

As online competition for psychedelic treatment providers grows, so too will the importance of schema. Add structured data to your website to increase your rank and connect with more clients. Need help getting started? Schedule a strategy session at 888.307.7304 today.



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