Pay Per Click Marketing: More Than Just Google Ads

Pay per click marketing isn’t about just bidding on keywords. It’s about bidding on the right keywords. And it’s about being aware that PPC is simply one component of a comprehensive marketing program.

Many companies leap into PPC campaign management, hoping to harness instant results and ride the results all to the bank. It’s just as likely that they could be riding the results to a budgetary crisis. Throwing money at PPC can be dangerous. Prudent spending is necessary in order to avoid seeing PPC turn into a money pit that swallows every marketing dollar you have. 

Is Your PPC Campaign Going After the Wrong Keywords?

PPC can be an enormous waste of time and money if proper keyword research isn’t a part of your PPC campaign management. Keyword research is how you discover what your audience is searching for. If you’re going to be paying for those words, you better be sure people are actually searching for them. The question is, how do you determine the right keywords from the wrong ones in your pay per click marketing?

The right keywords aren’t necessarily the ones that are most expensive. That’s where research comes in. At any given moment, there will be popular search terms that apply to your business and your region but few people are bidding on them. This could be because they’re probably chasing other more expensive generalized keywords. It’s this kind of strategy that keeps you from overspending and breaking the bank on PPC campaigns. 

Do the keyword research. Then, create a list of extremely specific and targeted keywords that apply to your marketplace. This sounds simple enough yet many businesses actually fall short on doing it. They either don’t do PPC or they spend a fortune on keywords that won’t really bring qualified leads to their website.

Remember also that display ads and social ads must point to pages that have been set up to benefit from any incoming traffic. In other words, these pages need to be fully optimized so that they’re associated with your ads. Naturally, those landing pages must then direct viewers to move to the next phase, such as contacting you or filling in a form.

PPC campaign management should never be about creating and managing a small list of keywords. Remember that this small list may or may not be giving you a respectable return on your investment. If it isn’t doing that, PPC isn’t doing your company much good.

Pay Per Click Marketing Is Not a “One & Done” Proposal

You don’t just pick a few keywords and go with them for months or years. PPC, like your website itself, is always a work in progress that requires constant modification in order to operate optimally. With PPC, there’s also the unfortunate fact that once you stop bidding on a certain keyword, the benefits to your website cease immediately. Keep that in mind before dropping keywords.

An effective pay per click marketing campaign involves a number of tasks, including:

  • Constantly analyzing and enhancing campaign ads in order to improve results
  • Establishing lists of effective and ineffective keywords
  • Broadening your choice of keywords over time

The work required to have a successful PPC marketing campaign never ends. You don’t do a round of keyword research and say, “OK, we’re good for the next year or so.” It just doesn’t work that way. It’s an ongoing process that never ends. Remember that competitors are watching you and paying attention to what you do. Your keyword strategy needs to evolve constantly so that competitors can’t simply outbid you and win the PPC game.

Make Pay Per Click Marketing More Cost-Effective Right Now

It’s your choice. You can go on pumping money into a PPC campaign that may or may not be giving you the ROI it’s supposed to. Or you can work with industry experts to build pay per click marketing into a powerful aspect of your overall digital marketing plan that includes effective SEO strategies.

By leveraging Dreamscape Marketing’s extensive knowledge of PPC campaign management and digital marketing services, you can achieve digital marketing objectives you didn’t think were possible. Contact us today at 888.307.7304 and let’s take your display ads and social ads to the next level.