psilocybin therapy expert

How to Establish Your Treatment Center as a Psilocybin Therapy Expert

Have you ever seen a commercial for hair growth serum? Or a miracle supplement? Or any marginally medical product that promises big results?These commercials and other promotions like them have one common theme. They rely on expert testimonials to verify and validate their claims. Now, are these “experts” actually trained medical professionals qualified to advise…

Top PPC Tips for Treatment Center Marketing in 2023

Top Tips to Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Online pay-per-click advertising is an important piece of your addiction treatment center’s digital marketing strategy and an effective way of reaching your prospective patients where they are. You know that the first step toward launching a successful paid ad strategy is securing your LegitScript Certification—the accreditation required by Google to run PPC campaigns targeting addiction…

addiction treatment center marketing

Setting Your Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Up for Earned Media Success

In late January 2020, TikTok user @kaelynnwhitee made a video of her experience using different skincare products. Her post spurred the sale of 52,000 units of The Ordinary’s AHA Peeling Solution.1 And this was just one of several viral bursts the brand received on TikTok throughout 2020.What an excellent example of earned media. This is the…

senior living community marketing plan

4 Ways Google Trends Can Help Optimize Your Senior Living Community Marketing Plan

Google processes more than 200 petabytes of data every day.1 Imagine lining up 200,000 one-terabyte external hard drives in a row. That’s what 200 petabytes looks like. How can this help improve your senior living community marketing plan?It’s no secret how much data Google harvests daily. Because they process more than 3.5 trillion searches per…

addiction treatment content marketing

4 Reasons Your Addiction Treatment Center Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has undeniably taken over the digital marketing space. Never before has the demand for creative, original content been so high. And as an addiction treatment marketer, you’ve noticed.For example, 576,000 websites are built every day.1 Each and every one of them needs content. There are an estimated 600 million blogs on the internet that…