How to Use Addiction Treatment Marketing Automation

addiction treatment marketing automation

The internet can be a confusing place for prospective patients. But, in this digital world we live in, addiction treatment centers have to reach their audiences through online marketing. So how do you cut through the noise and reach the people who need your services most? With addiction treatment marketing automation. 

Just over 75% of companies used marketing automation in 2021.1 This digital marketing strategy empowers addiction treatment centers to help more people in need–if you know how to use it. 

What is Marketing Automation for Addiction Treatment?

You’re probably asking yourself: what is marketing automation? Thinking about your own experience as a web user helps clarify the concept. Have you ever gone to a website, entered your information, and later received a message? If so, you experienced marketing automation in a nutshell. 

When website visitors input their email addresses while taking an action on your website, use your email service provider’s software to automatically send them an email. From there, share a general introductory email or develop a specific message based on your lead’s particular action. 

The purpose of your website is to bring in new potential clientsand addiction treatment marketing automation is no different. AI is a powerful way to level up this strategy. In 2022, 32% of marketers used AI software to personalize their emails and advertising.2

Reach and Help More People with Addiction Treatment Marketing Automation

For addiction treatment centers, marketing isn’t just about revenue–it’s also about reaching the people who need you most. If prospective patients don’t know how to find treatment, even if they’re ready to admit they need help, they’re at a disadvantage. 

Alcohol treatment marketing automation is an effective tool for increasing your leads. And the statistics are the proof. Around 80% of businesses using marketing automation see an increase in leads, with a 77% increase in conversions.3 

What would your addiction treatment center do if you could help this many more leads? How would your bottom line feel the impact? Though not all new leads will convert, reaching more people is always a winning strategy. 

How to Get the Most from Marketing Automation 

The effectiveness of your marketing automation depends on your strategy. And building on the knowledge of your clients to connect them with the resources they care about is a major factor in your success.

First, consider where most of your leads are coming from. You can (and should!) create different automated messages and campaigns based on which page a lead was visiting before entering their email address. For example, prepare one message for leads visiting a page about alcohol treatment, and another for leads researching narcotics treatment. 

Next, examine your content strategy. Initial emails can be quite short, communicating only the most essential information a new prospect needs to know. A few paragraphs go a long way. 

Then, continue the conversation with automated follow-up emails, which might include an invitation to contact you directly or to take the next step in learning more about your treatment center. Use your emails to gently guide leads toward becoming patients.

As you continue building your addiction treatment marketing automation strategy, keep records of your results. This way, you’re continually redesigning your approach to make sure your leads are getting the crucial information they need.

Need More From Your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing for addiction and alcohol treatment centers is tricky. And staying on top of the latest automation technology can be a full-time job in itself. Dreamscape Marketing can help. Schedule a strategy session with us by calling 888.307.7304.



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