ethically marketing substance use treatment centers

Ethically Marketing Substance Use Treatment Centers with Dan Gemp

In this SHARE podcast episode, Kabir speaks with Dreamscape Marketing CEO Dan Gemp about ethical marketing for substance use treatment centers. For years, various types of shady practices have been the norm. Dan gives us the details into why Google stopped accepting paid searches for treatment centers in 2017. He also provides an update on…

local citations for dentists

Top 5 Benefits of Local Citations for Dental Marketing SEO

What exactly are local citations for dentists? How do they help your practice? How important are they to your website’s success? These are questions that dentists should be asking themselves.Also known as local business listings, citations are one way Google ranks your website. In short, citations are references to your practice’s name, address and phone…

addiction treatment SEO strategy

Addiction Treatment SEO: How to Win in a Highly Competitive Market

Your consensus is strongly affected by your addiction treatment SEO strategy. Everyone with a detox or drug rehab center knows this. Unfortunately, that creates an unusually competitive marketplace. With so many players, how is it possible to stand out? How is it possible to achieve excellent SEO results in such an environment?Digital marketing for rehab…