Google Analytics and Spam Proofing Your Senior Living Website

The stats for your senior living website may be giving you a false impression of who visits you. Actually, it could be a very false impression. What’s the problem? Web traffic that is actually spam. Essentially, these are worthless visits to your website. You could be excited about high web traffic that’s nothing more than…


6 Reasons to Redesign Your Addiction Treatment Website

It’s not a stretch to say that your drug rehab website is the most crucial element in your digital marketing strategy. Although social media becomes a larger presence every day, your website is still the foundation of your marketing efforts. All other digital components ultimately lead back to it. That’s why you’ll need to periodically…


How Black Hat SEO Impacts Drug Rehab Centers

Everyone in the addiction treatment space has heard of black hat marketing and black hat SEO. Plenty of marketers engage in it, although they certainly won’t admit to their clients that they’re using black hat techniques. Unfortunately, black hat SEO for drug rehabs contributes to the bad publicity that treatment centers sometimes get in the…

Learn how the Recovery Resource Hub website can help your drug rehab center seo

Google Introduces Recovery Resource Hub for National Recovery Month

In a surprise move to kick off National Recovery Month, Google unveiled a brand new resource for individuals seeking addiction treatment. The new website—called “Recover Together”—is a one-stop-shop for addiction recovery resources. Partnered with Recovery Resource Hub, the site helps individuals search for not only rehab centers, but also for addiction support meetings, places to…


Digital Marketing Trends for Senior Living

Technology is entirely changing how marketing works. And it’s happening faster than at any time in history. If other senior living communities adapt faster to these changes than you do, you’re going to have a problem. Your move-in rates could suffer if you aren’t fully aware of digital marketing trends for senior living. Here are…

Moments of Change Foundations Mental Health Conference 2019

Moments of Change Conference 2019

The Dream Team at Dreamscape Marketing is devoted to the cause of our client centers. Whether they are dentists, addiction treatment specialists, or mental health therapists, we work tirelessly to help them reach the clients who need them. This year, the Foundations Recovery Network will host the Moments of Change 2019 Conference from September 30th…