How to Optimize Your Psilocybin URLs in Exactly 4 Steps

There’s quite a bit of buzz flying around about using psilocybin to treat mental health disorders. This category of drugs, when appropriately administered, has shown a great deal of promise1 in the battle against depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

And while Oregon remains the only state where prescribing psychedelic drugs is legal, the tides are set to turn. These life-altering drugs will be available to the general public sooner than you think, which means it’s time to create a psilocybin digital marketing plan.

The best way to capture rank for psychedelic drug searches is to optimize your digital assets for search engine optimization (SEO). This means that you should be optimizing your behavioral health center’s website for psilocybin keywords. You should be writing blog posts about this up-and-coming treatment. And you should be optimizing your URL for SEO, too.

Optimizing Psilocybin URLs

URLs matter more than you think, and every single one needs to be unique and permanent. Use these tips to help you create well-crafted, SEO-friendly URLs the first time, every time. 

1. Use Keywords in Your URL

Let’s break the process down, starting with the key component of your URL: the slug.2 The slug is the last section of your URL and the primary piece that will change with each new web page you create.

You know keywords are integral to SEO for your website copy and blog articles. But did you know that using the keyword in the page URL also impacts your page rank?

When choosing URLs, choose keywords that are relevant to the webpage. Also, remove any filler or function words. For example, using “the,” “or,” and “and” isn’t suggested. 

2. Be Accurate

Your URL should accurately describe what’s on the webpage. You need to set clear expectations for users so they know exactly what’s waiting for them on the other side of that link. 

And make sure the words you chose aren’t a better fit for another page. Every URL is unique, and you can only use a word combo once.

3. Use Hyphens

Including punctuation makes your URL more appealing to the reader. Even though this may feel awkward and clunky, don’t be shy about using hyphens to separate the words in your slug.

Using hyphens also makes it easier for Google to index your pages. And the easier you make indexing for Google, the better your rank will be.

4. Short and Simple

URLs should be straight to the point. Any unnecessary words have to go. This also applies to the filler and function words mentioned previously.

This Google developer guide3 offers an excellent explanation about why shorter URLs are more effective. The longer your URL, the more likely it will confuse searchers by directing them to similar or identical content.

The psilocybin boom is coming. And when it does, only well-prepared behavioral and mental health treatment centers will thrive. Capturing SEO now with simple steps, like URL optimization, will help you get ready for this critical time.

But URLs are only one part of an SEO play or larger digital marketing strategy. To be ready for the psilocybin rush, you need to prepare on all fronts. And creating and executing a successful strategy takes much more than creating optimized URLs.

A Good Website Makes a Great First Impression

Optimizing every single digital asset for the demands of the emerging psilocybin treatment market will take time and careful planning. If you’re ready to get started, Dreamscape Marketing can help you improve your SEO and your search engine results page rankings. Call us at 888.307.7304 to schedule a strategy session!


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