Moments of Change Conference 2019

The Dream Team at Dreamscape Marketing is devoted to the cause of our client centers. Whether they are dentists, addiction treatment specialists, or mental health therapists, we work tirelessly to help them reach the clients who need them. This year, the Foundations Recovery Network will host the Moments of Change 2019 Conference from September 30th to October 3rd. It will be held at the beautiful The Breakers Palm Beach Hotel. Conferences and events like these allow Dreamscape Marketing to show how our rehab center marketing services can help you connect with more patients.

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About the Moments of Change 2019 Conference

This year, the 2019 Moments of Change conference will revolve around a central theme. This theme is “Overcoming the Adversity of Addiction”. Each day of the conference will focus on a different aspect of this theme. The goal of the Moments of Change 2019 conference is to help prepare care providers as well as their patients prepare for their own personal moment of change. By the end, attendees will leave with a wealth of drug addiction treatment resources.

The first day focuses on overcoming adversity for patients. Treatment always starts with the patient and so does the Moments of Change Conference in 2019. Attendees can learn about personalized treatment plans as well as how to be aware of a patient’s particular needs.

Day Two goes on to discuss how care providers are working to overcome their own form of adversity. They provide the vital support patients need. At the same time, it is important that caregivers are also taken care of. They deserve support just as much as their patients do.

The third day will focus on how the addiction treatment industry as a whole can work together to fight against addiction. Topics will cover how legislation and policy influence the field and how care providers and patients can react to it.

The fourth and final day of the Moments of Change 2019 Conference will feature a closing keynote. It will feature in-depth looks at a bevy of local Floridians. It will focus on the tasks they have undertaken in order to help fight addiction in their local communities.

How Dreamscape Marketing Can Change Your Rehab’s Reach

Dreamscape Marketing is full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in the addiction treatment center and elective medical marketing fields. Therefore, no matter your facility’s needs, we can provide solutions. From a complete website build and design to long term content marketing campaigns, we have the expertise and industry knowledge to get your center more admissions.

This year, the Moments of Change conference 2019 will be one of the best ways to get access to these types of resources. Look for the Dreamscape Marketing dream team if you’re rehab center could use our boost. Along with the knowledge and capabilities you’ll need to face adversity in addiction, you can also come away with essential industry connections. If you’d like to learn more about how we can take your drug rehab website to the next level, then call Dreamscape Marketing at 888.307.7304 now!