How Drug Rehab Marketing Gives Your Center a Competitive Advantage

man sitting at computer leverages his drug rehab's competitive advantage

Anytime people discover your website, there is one overriding question that they will have, “Why should I choose your drug rehab center?” If you can’t provide an answer to that question, individuals will simply move on to the next addiction treatment website. That’s why drug rehab marketing is important.

In its work with more than 100 drug rehab centers across America, Dreamscape Marketing has identified three primary competitive advantages that an addiction center may have:


Where your drug rehab center is located could play a major role in how you market your facility. If your center is in a vacation destination such as Florida, it’s possible that location could be your most important defining characteristic.

While you obviously want to emphasize the quality of your treatment, the fact that your drug rehab center may be located near some of the most desirable beaches in America is certainly something to embrace. Many people need incentives to consider treatment centers that aren’t local to them. You have a wonderful incentive to offer them. While traveling away from home for treatment may be an uncomfortable thought for some people, it’s wise to help people realize that the great weather and ocean breezes of Florida are an excellent thing to experience as part of the fresh start that drug rehab brings.


It’s possible that most of your clientele won’t be traveling to your drug rehab due to its remarkable location. What if your facility is located in a region that isn’t a vacation destination? How do you leverage a competitive advantage in that situation?

If your location doesn’t offer an advantage, it’s time to concentrate on your treatment methods and explain why they are the reason to consider your facility. For example, not all drug rehab centers offer dual diagnosis treatment. If you provide this valuable modality, you should promote it aggressively. Many people are unaware that mental illness could be propelling their drug addiction. By alerting them to this possibility, many people who have relapsed because they didn’t have access to dual diagnosis treatment can finally have a shot at a truly successful recovery.


If your center is accredited, you need to make sure everyone knows it. Readers of your website need to know that accreditation means your program meets or exceeds the very highest standards of treatment available.

Don’t hesitate to discuss the exacting criteria that your facility has to meet to obtain accreditation from the Joint Commission. Doing so helps reinforce the commitment you have to your patients and their well being. Explain the gold seal that’s on your website and detail exactly why it’s there. Discerning prospective patients will want to know this information.

Increasing traffic to your drug rehab center begins with excellent marketing. As a Google Partner and Google AllStar, Dreamscape Marketing is committed to helping drug rehab centers increase their admissions through our industry expertise and leading-edge drug rehab marketing strategies. We can take your drug rehab center to the next level of success. Call us today at 877-958-9180.