Marketing Strategies for a Post-Pandemic World

We aren’t out of the pandemic just yet. However, we are getting close to the end stage of this life-changing situation. As mass vaccinations become available to the general population in the next couple of months, now is the time to start thinking about post-pandemic marketing. Business reopening strategies must roll out in the right way to be effective. 

Post-COVID marketing will be notably different from pre-COVID marketing. The world has been changed. Although some aspects of our lives may return to what they were, other aspects have been permanently altered by the experience we’ve all been through over the last year. 

Post-pandemic marketing must cater to the fact that people’s mindsets have changed. It also must do what any type of digital marketing has to accomplish: make your brand stand out. 

Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies To Follow

Dreamscape Marketing recommends the following post-COVID marketing strategies to make sure you hit the ground running when the world fully opens back up:

Focus on Retaining Customers 

As you know, returning customers are everything to your business. You don’t want to lose them because retaining them is less expensive than attracting new customers. If you can retain customers during and after a national pandemic, you can retain them anytime. This should be one of your top post-pandemic marketing strategies for reopening (or fully opening) your business.

If you have gone the extra mile to help customers during the pandemic, it’s smart to remind people of that fact. When you project a sense of, “We’re always there for you, even during a pandemic,” customers will appreciate it.

Keep Up Your Enhanced Online Presence 

COVID-19 restrictions moved every business online, even businesses that hadn’t previously sought a strong online presence. Now, it’s unthinkable to even consider backing off from it as part of your post-pandemic marketing.

Your relationship with customers has changed because of quarantine. Now, people expect an online relationship with companies. That’s not likely to go away while the country fully opens up in the summer and fall.

Demonstrate Your Compassion in Your Post-Pandemic Marketing 

People have suffered over the last year. Some have been sick or seen relatives and family become ill or possibly die from COVID. Marketing during the pandemic required sensitivity and not necessarily any hard-sell techniques. Part of your post-pandemic marketing should include the lessons learned during quarantine.

If your company went above and beyond to help customers, remind them of this fact. Maybe they knew. On the other hand, maybe they didn’t. At any rate, it’s good to reinforce your role as not just something selling them something. You’re also trying to help in ways that you can.

Create Compelling Content 

While digital content has always been important, it’s now more important than ever. Since the pandemic began, most of us have spent our lives online. When we’re online, we expect to find content that satisfies our needs. If we don’t find it, we move on. That’s always been our behavior as viewers. The pandemic has only accelerated it.

Exploit opportunities for meaningful conversations whenever possible. Relate to customers. After all, we’re all in the same situation over the last year. Acknowledge their fears and apprehensions and offer solutions when appropriate. 

Form a Tighter Connection with Your Audience 

Forming connections against a backdrop of social distancing is a challenge. However, it’s important to lessen the distance between you and your customers. You want to be viewed as something more than someone who takes their money in exchange for products or services. When you accomplish that, your post-pandemic marketing gets that much easier.

Remember that customers have a greater appreciation for companies that respect them. They like seeing businesses go the extra mile to provide a good customer experience. The pandemic clearly created a greater need to do this.

Work Your Social Media Presence  

Social media gives you the most human and personal touch of any marketing platform. Be sure to exploit it fully. In social media, you have the opportunity to engage in true two-way communication with customers. There’s no better place to talk about the toll the pandemic has taken on all of us. Here, you can respond directly to individuals when appropriate. If you’re looking to put a human face on your business for the public, social media is a good place to do it.

Adjust Your Messaging in Your Post-Pandemic Marketing 

As the country heads toward some definition of normal, remember that your marketing shouldn’t go back to whatever you were doing before COVID. It’s a new world that requires new marketing messaging.

If you were “salesy” before, you’ll want to be less so now. Empathy and caring should shine through in all of your content. That should be the reality for your post-pandemic marketing. To learn more about what you can do, contact Dreamscape Marketing for digital marketing services today at 888.307.7304.