3 Addiction Treatment Interactive Marketing Tools that Generate Leads

There are so many ways to identify leads for your addiction treatment center, the process can be overwhelming. But to really connect, consider trends in how your audience engages with marketing material, especially online. Increasingly, interactive media has become a powerful way to connect with leads and start building a relationship. 

Your addiction treatment center’s marketing toolbox should include interactive content strategies. First, though, you need a basic understanding of these strategies. What are they? And why are they helpful?

Addiction Treatment Interactive Marketing is the Future

Content that users can affect through their own input is considered interactive. Think maps that provide a pan and zoom tool, real-time chat and messaging, and 360-degree product views. Research shows that marketing campaigns using interactive content have a 5.5% click-through rate, much higher than non-interactive ads.1

This boost in engagement can mean a lot for prospective patients seeking help from your addiction treatment center. By engaging users with your content, they’ll learn more about what your program offers and how they can benefit from your services.

Interactive Marketing Tools for Addiction Treatment Centers

So, which interactive tools should you include in your marketing strategy? There are plenty of ways to answer this question depending on the goals of your campaign. These are three categories you should consider. 

1. Interactive Graphics and Calculators

Roughly 90% of the information the brain translates is visual.2 For marketers, this means your leads gravitate to imagery more than words. So, leverage this pattern by bringing your graphics to life. Use point-and-click features and spice up your pages by adding interesting visual effects as the user scrolls.

Calculators are another way to engage prospective addiction treatment patients. Users can easily estimate costs, savings, and other number-based factors related to addiction treatment.

2. Polls and Surveys

Polls and surveys can add a variety of positives to your addiction treatment center website. They boost your reach by providing human-centric engagement and encouraging interaction with your center.3 This is an especially useful tool for the social media aspects of a marketing campaign.

Additionally, polls and surveys capture valuable information about your prospective patients. Well-written surveys ask questions about past experiences, perceptions of your program, and what patients find helpful. You can then use this data to reshape your marketing strategy or even create infographics to attract fresh leads!

3. Voice Search Marketing

Thinking about how leads use their own interactive tools to find your business is also important. This includes the use of voice search tools, such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Users may perform a voice search instead of typing to learn about your center online.

Voice assistants generally return voice searches by reading a featured snippet. These search results appear at the top of traditional search engine inquiries. To take advantage of this interactive marketing element, optimize your website for voice search. Create content that answers specific questions your prospective patients might ask about addiction treatment. Organizing your content in question-and-answer format on your website also helps win featured snippets.

Marketing is all about engagement, and interactive tools are proven to spur online engagement to new heights. From websites to social media feeds to email campaigns, interactive content strengthens your addiction treatment brand so you can connect with patients who need your help.

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