How to Utilize Google Analytics for Dental Practice Websites

Every smart dental practice has a website. However, every truly smart dental practice tracks its Google Analytics. In fact, Google Analytics for dental practice websites is a key way to increase web traffic and increase production.

Google Analytics do something very important for dentists: they give you solid data about website performance. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to guess about how many people are visiting your website. You don’t have to estimate how many of those visitors become patients. With Google Analytics, it’s all there in black and white and clear as crystal. In fact, Google Analytics for dental practice websites is a standard part of any effective digital marketing program.

Just having access to Google Analytics doesn’t mean much if you don’t know what to do with the data. The following action steps can help your dental practice better leverage Google Analytics:

Segment by Channel Type

When your data channel is segmented, you can better understand which digital marketing initiatives are working and which aren’t. You don’t have to rely on hunches or a “gut feeling” about your website traffic. The channels that you see when you open Google Analytics for dental practice websites tell a detailed story. They present a snapshot of your website that you can see at any time. Google Analytics basically empowers you to conduct a more robust marketing program.

Once in Google Analytics, you’ll probably see the following channels: organic, social, referral, email, direct, paid, etc. As you cross-reference your channels, certain patterns will likely begin to emerge. For example, your paid search traffic may be terrible as compared to organic search traffic. A scenario like this could mean that your AdWords aren’t working. At that point, you’d have to delve into whether your AdWords are appropriate.

Another example would be if you had a low amount of referral traffic. That means not enough people are linking to you. This is good information to know because you may want to completely re-evaluate your social media and link strategy.

Determine Which Landing Pages Are Performing & Which Are Dying

It doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense to spend time building content that no one is looking at. Many dental practice websites have landing pages that hardly anyone clicks on. That means time and money was wasted on a webpage that isn’t helping your office. Google Analytics for dental practice websites helps dentists identify poorly performing pages. Once you know which web pages are a problem, you can revise content and optimize it to get a better Google ranking.

As you look at data for specific pages, it will become apparent that some landing pages do better than others. Remember also that it’s not just about how many people click on a certain page. The amount of time they spend on it is also important. If people spend only a few seconds on a landing page, they obviously aren’t reading the content. For whatever reason, that page didn’t capture their interest. It’s your job to figure out why this is the case. Yet another reason Google Analytics for dental practice websites plays such an important role in the success of your digital marketing.

Figure Out Who Your Website Visitors Are

Can you discuss your website visitors in amazing detail? Yes. Google Analytics gives you quite a bit of information about your website visitors. For example, you can figure out what time of day they’re most likely to be on your website. You can also tell their location as well as their age and gender.

Having such specific information can help you enhance your website to appeal to your target audience. Perhaps far more females click on your practice website than males. Maybe they’re mostly young adults… maybe they’re mostly over 40. Whatever your unique data indicates, you have a golden opportunity to improve your website. Google Analytics data empowers you to make your website more accessible to those who are most likely to visit it.

Google Analytics for Dental Practice Websites – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

A dental practice website can only bring in new patients if it’s effective. Just being online isn’t enough. Your website must be well structured, informative and fully optimized to rank well on Google. Without those things, it’s doing little to promote your dental practice.

Google Analytics for dental practice websites provides the kind of insight that empowers you. How? By enabling you to take your website to a whole new level of effectiveness. As always, the best way to enhance your website is to work with reputable digital marketers.

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