Be the Expert: How to Use Psychedelic Treatment SEO Marketing to Boost Your Rank and Authority

Psychedelic treatment SEO marketing can help establish your treatment center as the leading local provider before your competition.

Let’s face it: people have always been interested in psychedelics. And nowadays, with the heightened public interest in the therapeutic applications of psychedelics, your patients are looking for correct, safe information. And you should be the treatment center providing that advice.

Here’s what you can do to establish your treatment center as the leading psilocybin treatment provider before anyone else in your local area.

How to Effectively Use Psychedelic Treatment SEO Marketing

The “shroom boom” is upon us and addiction treatment centers need to look closely at their existing models to make room for the coming advancements in psilocybin-based psychotherapy. In 2019, the FDA named psilocybin a “breakthrough therapy” which has helped to speed up clinical trials.1 This change definitely indicates that legal use is just over the horizon. With that in mind, now is the time to create a digital marketing strategy to dominate your local search market.

Local Results Matter

Your presence in local search results matters when 78% of online local searches result in an offline purchase.2 While those seeking help from an addiction treatment center aren’t making a purchase in the traditional sense, they are looking for a place they can trust with their health and wellbeing. Google algorithms prioritize local results and many of your customers are looking for regional options for their care.

With click through rates (CTR) dwindling rapidly the lower down the results page you go, doing all you can to claim the top spot is essential. The #1 position draws a whopping 28.5% CTR, yet #2 and #3 only come in at 15% and 11%.3 Make the most of your psychedelic treatment SEO marketing by incorporating local content to improve organic traffic.

Timely Content

“Content is king” isn’t just a gimmicky selling point—it’s true! Content in the form of blogs, podcasts, videos, social media, or webinars keep your site ranking high and improve your psychedelic treatment SEO marketing. Again, Google prioritizes local businesses, so including geo-targeted content means you can rank even higher to attract prospective patients before your competitors do.

Worried you won’t have enough content ideas? Set aside some time to create a comprehensive list of ideas by throwing out whatever comes to mind. There are no bad ideas in the brainstorming phase! Of course, you can use your content platforms to analyze newly published psilocybin research—of which there’s a lot! We promise you won’t run out of ideas.

Use Geographic Search Phrases Within Content

Recent studies show that the average length of search terms continues to grow. Right now, 65% of searches contain four or more words.4 Maximize your reach by using long-tail keyword variations for your center and expanding your geographical locations. While many of your patients will be looking for a treatment center close by, you may have others who are traveling from farther away and won’t use your exact location in their search.

For example, if your center is in Los Angeles, don’t assume that “addiction treatment center Los Angeles” will generate enough traffic. You should also include variations like “addiction treatment center southern California,” “addiction treatment center Orange County,” and “addiction treatment center in the southwest.” By widening your keyword targets, you’ll gain exposure to potential patients who may not know exactly what they’re looking for.

Claim Your Google My Business Listing

This is a relatively simple step, but you’d be surprised how many businesses overlook this one. Fill out your GMB profile completely and accurately to ensure your potential customers can find relevant information quickly. Double check that your Name, Address, and Phone number is the exact same across all listings. Any discrepancy can cause Google to downgrade your ranking on the results page, making it more likely your future customers will click on someone else’s link.

Invest in Reviews

Reviews matter in every business whether you’re selling shoes or a service. This is true even in the behavioral health field. Positive customer reviews not only help your site rank higher but will also help make your center stand out from the competition. Prioritize your reviews by actively requesting comments from your patients and families through social media, direct mailers, or in person.

And when you get a review, respond to it! Engaging with a patient who took the time to leave a review helps your ranking and gives prospective patients a sense of your customer service. Building up a base of customer reviews solidifies your image as a trusted center when introducing new treatment modalities.

Optimize the Layout of Your Website

Include location pages if you have multiple locations in the area, in addition to listing them on your main contact page. Know that when people are searching on mobile, they’re usually looking up reviews, directions, or contact information. Make sure this information is easy to find and that your pages are formatted for mobile.

We can help you stay ahead of the competition so that when your customers do want to learn more, the first name they’ll see will be yours. Connect with us at 877.958.9180 to schedule your strategic planning session!


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