How Search Intent Can Improve Your Content Strategy

You probably have a good idea of what your patients and their loved ones are searching for online. And hopefully, that knowledge has informed your digital marketing strategy, including guiding the types of content you create and the topics you address.

But have you ever wondered why your patients and their families and caregivers are searching for you? Probably not. Because the reason seems obvious: They need autism care services. And while that’s the case, the real answer is more complicated. When it comes to understanding what motivates people and their online search behavior, it’s all about search intent.

What is Search Intent?

Search intent takes into consideration not only the “what” of a user’s internet search, but tries to determine the “why” of that search as well.

We know the purpose of most online searches is either to find information or to make a purchase. Search intent goes even deeper than that. If a potential patient is looking for information, analyzing their search intent helps you figure out why they need the information. Have they or a loved one recently received an autism diagnosis and are looking for care options for the first time? Was their previous autism care provider a bad fit? Are they new to the area?

Whatever the answer, once you understand why someone is looking for you, you can create thoughtful, intent-based content that answers the need behind their search queries. When your ideal audience visits your care center’s website, they’ll find content that is not only engaging but speaks to the need driving their search in the first place.1 Your content is a powerful tool to educate the information seeker, establish your center as an authority, and begin building the trust that a treatment relationship requires.

It’s important that your content looks and feels like educational resources and tools, and not slickly produced sales collateral. Users want to engage with content that matches their search intent, and are likely to leave your website without converting if your content doesn’t fulfill that expectation.2 You should certainly incorporate calls-to-action, contact opportunities, and internal links to encourage them to learn more about your center—just don’t promise information and offer a hard sell instead.

Use Search Intent to Improve Your Content 

Understanding your audience’s search intent lets you tailor your content to answer their “why. Search intent should be a critical factor when designing your autism care center’s SEO strategy. Your content and digital marketing campaigns should include the specific keywords your ideal patients and their loved ones are using when searching for care providers and information on autism care.

Many users begin with broad search terms before narrowing in on more specific topics as they gain more information or narrow down their criteria, such as “autism care center near me.” The Google search algorithm, having the capability to unpack search intent, understands the searcher is looking for a provider using their current location. Your website or desired landing page should incorporate the phrase “autism care center in [your area]” so your site gets top priority in the list of centers near the prospective patient.

Both search intent and keywords should inform and influence your content. Although basing your content on what your clients are searching for can be successful, it shouldn’t be your only approach. Taking into account search intent helps you create the most effective, relatable content. 

The goal of your digital marketing strategy should be to drive your prospective patients and their loved ones to your website, where they can learn more about your autism care center and the services you provide. High-quality, carefully crafted content that matches the search intent of your ideal patients, using the right keywords, is how you get them there. Overwhelmed by the prospect of understanding search intent and curating your content accordingly? You don’t have to be. Let us create well-informed digital content that speaks to your ideal patient and converts. Schedule a strategy session with us by calling 888.307.7304.


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