How to Find the Right Employees for Your Senior Living Community

The pandemic was especially difficult for senior living communities across the U.S. Not only were scores of residents lost too soon, but many of their nurses, aides, and other caregivers left their jobs in senior living never to return. As it currently stands, senior living communities have lost more than 250,000 staff members since March 2020.1

And despite the post-pandemic rebound seen in some industries, experts agree senior living has yet to recover. According to a study by the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living, 77% of senior living communities agree that the staffing situation worsened throughout 2021. In fact, staffing levels as of December 2022 are still lower than the levels recorded in February 2020.3

Of course, the pandemic isn’t the only cause of staffing issues. COVID-19 may have highlighted the issue for many communities, but the problems existed long before March 2020. Working with seniors requires patience and can be physically demanding and emotionally draining. And, after gaining some experience, many healthcare professionals realize they’d rather direct their time and energy elsewhere.

But seniors thrive on stability—emotionally, mentally, and physically—which means your community needs staffing that is consistent. Specifically, you need long-term employees who know and understand your residents, because adequate staffing directly impacts care.4

Why Staffing Matters to Marketing

So what does senior living staffing have to do with marketing? The connection might not be immediately obvious, but your community’s staffing and marketing are closely aligned. Well, quality of care and, as a byproduct, staff turnover, do have an impact on conversion rates of new resident leads. Whether that impact is positive when the employee roster is stable, or negative when staff turnover is high, is up to you.

If hiring and retention were easy, every senior living community would be fully staffed with the best employees providing the best service. But with a very limited pool of candidates, and every other senior living community vying for the same caregivers to fill their positions, the struggle is real.

So the question becomes, “How do you set your community apart from the competition when seeking and retaining new staff?”

Connecting With Staff and Residents

This is where your established marketing matters. You’ve already built digital marketing channels to find new residents. But that’s not all those platforms are good for. Now, take those channels and use them to attract the best possible employees for your community.

Start by personalizing your job postings to appeal to the type of carers you want on your staff long-term. In marketing, personalization is a proven, effective way to grow leads. And it will help you find quality candidates who understand and appreciate the culture in your specific community. Four out of five marketers agree that personalization has a strong effect on the impact of marketing.5

Take advantage of your website, social media, and other digital channels to be transparent. This is a place to give these potential employees an honest look at what life is like inside your community.

After the last few years, employees want to spend their work life somewhere that aligns with their lifestyle. Use videos and other engaging media to give potential staff some insight into what working in your community is like. Introduce them to their future fellow staff members by posting employee testimonials or profiles. Whatever you choose, share with them—and your prospective residents—the everyday story of your community.

Finding the right employees for your senior living community has never been easy. We’re here to help you create a digital marketing plan that attracts new staff and residents. Schedule a strategy session to learn more by calling 888.307.7304.



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