Drug Rehab PPC Campaigns: Why They Matter

When considering drug rehab PPC campaigns, it’s important to keep in mind the three things that pay-per-click is good at:

  • Building awareness of your addiction treatment center
  • Finding a large target audience
  • Driving more traffic to your facility’s website

Every day, people with drug and alcohol addiction issues are looking for help, and they need to be able to find your facility easily. A PPC campaign for addiction treatment is one effective way to make sure that they do.

Being at the top of search engine results pages, drug rehab PPC campaigns offer high visibility. The small fee that you pay when people click on your ad can be well worth it, especially if your web traffic from organic SEO campaigns has been underwhelming.

Drug Rehab PPC Campaigns: What You Need to Know

Many addiction treatment center marketing professionals are keen to engage in PPC campaigns. Typically, this is due to the fact that they suspect it will likely increase traffic to their website significantly. However, all PPC campaigns are not alike. In fact, it’s very possible to launch ineffective drug rehab PPC campaigns that take your money and offer little in return.

To create a PPC campaign for addiction treatment centers that works, keep the following components in mind:

Proper Keyword Research

Not just any keywords can be plugged into your PPC campaign. Far from it. Proper keyword research is vital to ensure your PPC efforts yield fruit. In fact, it’s quite easy to select the wrong keywords for your addiction treatment center. Even though you want to increase traffic to your website, you want to try to get the right kind of traffic. After all, a ton of traffic with nearly no conversions doesn’t do you any good.

Only through careful research can you find excellent keywords that others didn’t think of or exploit effectively. Sometimes, the best keywords aren’t the ones your competitors are using. If that’s the case, your PPC campaign stands a greater chance of success.

Landing Pages & Calls to Action That Lead to Conversions

When web viewers click on your ad, they go to a landing page that has been set up specifically for them. This makes it easier to track results. However, this page can’t just be an afterthought. Once they are there, your content has to be compelling and motivating. Finally, your call to action has to be powerful enough to get viewers to take action by picking up the phone or contacting you through the website. If this doesn’t happen, all of your PPC efforts don’t add up to much… except a lot of money spent.

Diligent Monitoring

Like most web marketing, a PPC campaign isn’t something you create and just assume it’s doing its job. Through the careful analysis of analytics, it’s possible to carefully fine tune drug rehab PPC campaigns. Sometimes, certain keywords aren’t producing the results that were expected. When that happens, you don’t just sit back and continue spending a small fortune on something that isn’t working. At times, it’s necessary to tweak keyword choices in order to optimize the campaign.

Drug Rehab PPC Campaigns: One Piece of a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

A PPC campaign for addiction treatment centers requires careful monitoring and optimization in order to achieve a decent ROI. It’s very easy for drug rehab PPC campaigns to drain a facility’s marketing budget dry while at the same time producing results that fall short of expected goals.

Dreamscape Marketing, a leader in addiction treatment marketing, has extensive knowledge in leveraging drug rehab PPC campaigns in order to produce maximum results. As we fit PPC into a broader marketing strategy, we can help you find the volume of web traffic that you’ve been looking for. 

Pay per click is the first step toward getting your target audience’s attention. Call us today at 888.307.7304 and let’s discuss a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes effective use of PPC.