Drug Rehab Marketing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A lot of questions have arisen along with the coronavirus, many of which are very difficult to answer. Fortunately, we have some answers around the topic of marketing your addiction treatment center, specifically around the importance of SEO for drug rehabs during the coronavirus pandemic. Though these are uncertain times for businesses in all industries, one sure bet remains: This is an excellent opportunity for you to position yourself well while the competition is cutting marketing spending.

Marketing spending is one of the first budgets to be cut or reduced during large-scale economic events like this one. As consumers are obeying shelter in place orders and not leaving their homes, they’re also not spending money. With this in mind, a lot of business owners believe that marketing dollars are wasted as return on investment isn’t immediately seen. However, there are two major opportunities that many business owners often don’t consider:

  • You can get ahead of the competition during the crisis so you’re better positioned when life returns to normal
  • There are still people searching to enter rehab during this time, and you can get them all through your doors by maintaining or even increasing marketing efforts

These goals can be accomplished with a few key changes to your drug rehab marketing strategy. Leverage resources already at your disposal, like your website, blog, and any paid digital advertising you may be doing.

Increase Search Rankings for Drug Rehab Search Terms

While your competitors are cutting their budgets, you have an opportunity to ramp up efforts to get ahead. Get in touch with your SEO agency and discuss ways that you can get ahead of your competitors. With reduced budgets, the competition is not likely to be creating as much new content or building as many new backlinks. By maintaining the level of efforts you’re using now, or ramping them up, you can create more content to rank for a wider variety of keywords, and continue building more high-quality backlinks to increase your domain authority and get ahead in search rankings.

Update Your Website To Reflect Special COVID-19 Policies

People are going to be searching for answers regarding whether or not it’s safe to go to rehab during a pandemic. In addition to adding messaging around the fact that your addiction treatment center is open and accepting new clients, be sure to inform those potential clients or their loved ones what you’re doing differently to ensure that your facility is safe during the virus outbreak. Under normal circumstances, medically-supervised detox is safer and more successful than detoxing at home alone. During a pandemic, medically-supervised rehab is undoubtedly safer — medical staff is literally monitoring clients 24/7. Updating the messaging for your rehab marketing strategy is essential to success during this time.

This can be accomplished with alerts on your homepage and new blog posts highlighting sanitization efforts and precautions being taken to minimize risk of spreading coronavirus. Not only will this give users information that they’re looking for, but it will also increase your chances of ranking for people searching COVID-19 specific search terms.

Elevate Your Addiction Treatment PPC Campaign Performance

If you maintain a steady PPC budget during this time, you’re bound to get better results for your treatment center’s PPC campaign as competitors lower bids on keywords or pause campaigns all together. As we know, increasing PPC bids can put you ahead of the competition by increasing your ad rank, ensuring that you’re showing up at the top of search results. Though search volumes for addiction treatment may be unpredictable during this time, you have a better chance of capturing traffic and converting qualified leads when you’re among the top results.

By doubling down when others are shying away, you’re setting yourself up for success in the long run. In the past 15 years, Dreamscape has guided clients through multiple economically impactful events, and led them to success and prosperity on the other end.

When in Doubt, Speak With Experienced Drug Rehab Marketing Consultants

Ultimately, people suffering from substance abuse disorders still need treatment. Spending more time with family or in isolation during this time of quarantine is bound to increase interest in drug rehab or addiction treatment services. For more information on how to optimize your drug rehab marketing strategy, speak with an experienced drug rehab marketing consultant by contacting us online or calling 888.307.7304 today.