Call Center Basics for Drug Rehabs: Take Into Account The Unique Nature of Addicts and Addiction

Offering a service is remarkably different from offering a product. In the field of health services, this is especially true. Answering calls from addicted individuals, their families or friends can be a challenging experience. It’s best to acknowledge the obstacles of the nature of addiction callers and learn how to overcome them.

Take Into Account The Unique Nature of Addiction and Addicts

Obviously, the doctors and trained professionals at facilities understand addiction exceedingly well. Those who answer the phones, however, may have a better understanding of sales than they do of addiction. Such individuals need to know exactly who they’re dealing with when they pick up phone calls.

Callers to a drug rehab center don’t resemble callers in any other industry. Anyone answering phones at a drug rehab center must be acutely aware of this fact. Some salespeople are tempted to view customers as fairly similar regardless of the industry. Unfortunately, this approach can be counterproductive to a rehab center’s conversion rate and a disservice to the addicted individuals who are calling.

Understanding the unique nature of callers to rehab centers is the key to generating more admissions for your facility. Exactly why are these callers so different? The answer lies in the unique nature of addiction. In a doctor’s or dentist’s office, callers don’t need to be persuaded to come into the office. They are likely in pain and the only real question they have is, “When can I get an appointment?” There’s no need to “sell” these people on the value of receiving medical treatment. They simply want to be relieved of their pain.

Addiction, however, is very different. Unlike a medical condition, addiction is much harder for people to acknowledge as a problem. Often described as a disease of the mind, addiction actively tries to convince sufferers that there is nothing wrong. In fact, denial is a common characteristic of addicted individuals. Many addicts often become oblivious to the damage they’re causing to themselves and loved ones because their brain is essentially functioning in a different way than it did before the addiction.

Although they have made the courageous decision to contact your rehab center, there’s no guarantee that the conversation will be easy or productive. That’s where the rule of “calm, caring and professional” will always serve you well.

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