Call Center Basics for Drug Rehabs: Dealing With Parents On the Phone

When calls come in to your drug rehab center, are you truly prepared for them? Most centers say “yes.” But are they? Dealing with parents on the phone can be challenging.

The Difficulties of Dealing With Parents Who Just Want to Help

It’s often much more involved than documenting names and contact information and getting a brief history of the addiction. These conversations can be complex and difficult to get through. It goes without saying that addiction is a trying experience for users and their families. Emotions can be raw and these people are often at their lowest point when making the call to your facility. This is as true for families as it is for addicted individuals. Knowing what to expect during these phone calls will make the experience better for you and the person on the other end of the line.

Parents Who Call About Their Child Want Something To Happen Immediately

Parents are often at their wit’s end when they call. The addiction problem their children are suffering has most likely been going on for awhile. There was probably a period where they were in denial about their son’s or daughter’s problem but things have most likely taken a turn for the worse recently and they are reaching out to you, sometimes in near desperation.

When they call, they need your compassion and they will expect answers and solutions immediately. If they don’t get them, they’ll be on the phone to another center right away. Remember that 70% of buying experiences are directly affected by how customers sense they are being treated. Once again, it will be your calm, caring and professional demeanor that helps keep callers centered during the conversation when dealing with parents.

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