Call Center Basics For Drug Rehabs: Callers Need To Be Reminded Of Alternatives to Health Insurance

There’s a good reason why so many people depend on health insurance to cover addiction treatment—they don’t think there are any alternatives to health insurance. It’s hardly surprising that they would think this way. In a recent article in, it was indicated that 63% of American can’t handle an unexpected $500 expense.

Remember that many of the people contacting your addiction treatment center are part of that 63%. Many will be devastated to learn what addiction treatment actually costs. If they don’t have insurance, many will try to immediately disqualify themselves from further considering treatment. Your phone representatives have to explore other options to make certain that they get the treatment they need.

Callers Need To Be Reminded Of Alternatives to Health Insurance

Just because callers don’t have health insurance doesn’t mean they are an unlikely prospect for admission. Many callers will have relatives, such as parents or grandparents, who are financially capable of footing the bill—and willing to do it—if it means their loved one can finally overcome addiction. Many callers may feel awkward about asking for money. However, given how high the stakes are, it’s an option that should be explored.

There are also loans that can be secured from third-party financial companies such as CareCredit that may be able to help. Often, these companies provide flexible payment options that make getting drug rehab treatment much more feasible for some people. Obviously, no one likes being in debt but the alternative is far worse. Untreated addiction often doesn’t end well. It is wise for phone representatives to suggest this option, especially for those with a stable income.

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