What is Value-Added Content for Autism Treatment Centers?

content for autism treatment centers

As an autism treatment center marketer, you understand your digital brand is heavily defined by the quality of web content associated with your program. But do you actually know what web content is associated with your brand?

Have you used a search engine to audit your brand lately? If you have, were you satisfied with the results?

Excellent brands require excellent websites. And vice versa, excellent websites require excellent content. But excellent by what—or, better yet, by whose—standards? 

First and foremost, your ideal audience. 

When we discuss added value, we mean the value your information brings to your ideal audience: current and prospective patients at your autism care center and their families.

What Does Value-Added Content Mean?

The term we’re exploring today, value-added content, references material that is both free and valuable to your autism care program’s ideal audience, for any combination of the reasons listed below:1

  • Relevant – The reader uses a search engine that identifies your website as a result worth exploring further.
  • Unique – There’s no reason to navigate to your site in particular if half a dozen other sites host similar content.
  • Informative – Your content should answer the question the reader used a search engine to ask—and then some!

Value-added content should be freely accessible and easy for your ideal target audience to find.  Keeping this content free and promoting it on your website helps forge a connection between your treatment center and your prospective patients and their families. Providing content that answers their questions, is timely, and establishes your expertise encourages trust and keeps your brand top of mind.

5 Types of Value-Added Content for Autism Treatment Centers

Thoughtful, customized, information-rich content bridges the gap2 between your audience’s needs and the services your autism treatment center offers. The five most common (and effective!) types of content for autism treatment centers are:

1. Articles

High-quality articles establish your program as an approachable, educational resource for concerned families of those with autism. Alongside increased engagement with your prospective patients, blogs serve another function. They provide valuable SEO opportunities, as well as opportunities to create valuable backlinks.

2. Tools

Sharing information about diagnostic, functional, or rehabilitative tools or modalities appropriate for individuals with autism is another great way to establish your expertise. Generosity with that knowledge creates a positive relationship with your ideal audience. This digital marketing strategy is particularly useful when the content in question can be repurposed into shareable and downloadable content.

3. Landing Pages

Overall, landing pages feature your autism treatment center, the services you provide, and useful information about autism itself. Landing pages can target specific cities or therapies, while others target regions of the country. But all your landing pages should clearly communicate your expertise and unique value proposition!

4. Infographics

Infographics come in many shapes, sizes, and visual styles. Whatever approach you choose, your infographic should be unique to your autism treatment center. These eye-catching visual pieces integrate your branding with a compelling, approachable image that provides value to your ideal audience.

5. e-Books and White Papers

In-depth discussions of modalities are most appropriately shared through white papers or e-books. This type of content is attractive to family members who want to take a deep dive into the subject of autism care. Offering a high-quality eBook or white paper for download on your website can affect SEO, grow your mailing list, and contribute to your reputation as an expert in your field. 

The objective of value-added content is simple. You provide helpful information to your ideal audience and they’re motivated to take the next step and contact your autism treatment center for more information. 

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