Make Your Content Creation Easier with These 4 Tools

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World-renowned artist Rembrandt said, “Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know.”1

How poignant for an article about senior living content marketing.

When you write content for your senior living community, you’re supposed to sound like you know everything. But you don’t know everything. You don’t know everything about writing, you don’t know everything about senior living communities. You probably don’t even know everything about your own community!

Content is Critical to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Content is an important component of your senior living community’s digital marketing strategy, but well-crafted content delivers more than just SEO wins. Your content is a way for you to demonstrate your value and authority while inspiring resident and prospective resident confidence and building your brand.

Easy, right? Unfortunately, writing quality content is harder than it sounds.

When it comes to senior living content marketing, think of the exercise of writing like learning an instrument or playing a sport. To get better, you need to practice. When you write, you’re flexing parts of your brain to become stronger and more adept at future writing endeavors.

According to the Harvard Business Review, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something.2 Given all your other responsibilities as a senior living marketer, spending 10,000 hours on senior living content marketing might not be realistic.

While nothing will replace the hours spent developing your writing skills, you don’t have to go it alone. There are a lot of tools out there designed to help you along the way. Here are a few editing tools that can help improve your writing skills.

Senior Living Content Marketing Tools

1. Proofread Bot

If you find yourself questioning your grammar revision tools when working on your senior living content marketing, wondering why those little redlined marks are popping up on what sounds like correctly written copy, this tool might be for you.

For each issue identified, Proofread Bot provides a thorough explanation about what’s wrong, why it’s incorrect, and suggestions for how to fix the issue.3 This is actually a great tool to learn more about the (sometimes baroque and befuddling) mechanics of the English language!

The free version of this tool is web-based and only catches fundamental spelling and grammar issues. But you can choose to pay for the premium version, which dives deeper into the content and even offers a tool to review content for plagiarism.

2. Grammarly

You may have already heard of this one. A few years ago, Google incorporated Grammarly into their Google Docs platform.4

There are two versions of Grammarly: a free version and a paid version. The free version of Grammarly runs your document through the proofreading basics to catch errors such as spelling, grammar, and usage.

The paid version, called Grammarly Premium, includes additional features like sentence restructuring, word choice suggestions, readability scores, and reading and speaking times. This version also allows you to set goals for your senior living content marketing to address the audience and tone.

3. Hemingway Editor

This is a great all-around tool! Hemingway Editor provides in-depth editing, proofing, and recommendations on everything from spelling errors to word choice.Hemingway Editor uses a color-coded system to highlight distinct types of corrections and provides data about reading level and time, along with word, sentence, and paragraph counts.

4. Ludwig

Ludwig takes an entirely different approach to editing. Instead of marking up your entire document, you only query individual sentences.6 Then, Ludwig helps you paraphrase your sentence, compare word frequencies, and even find missing words.

This tool works best when your document is mainly edited, with just a few sections and sentences that need some love. If you’re looking for a more basic editing tool, one of the other options may be the better fit.

Creating and publishing quality content is a critical component of a successful digital marketing strategy. But it can take time to get started and get it right. If you need help with senior living content marketing, Dreamscape can help. Contact us at 888.307.7304 to schedule a strategy session.



Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in June 2022 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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