4 Ways to Earn More Backlinks for Your Autism Treatment Website

What’s the goal when writing content for your autism treatment center? Of course, you want to create engaging material your readers will find helpful and exciting—which is precisely what you should do!

But there’s another way your content can serve your autism treatment center. We’re talking about backlinks. Although getting backlinks should never be the primary goal of your web strategy, building a solid list of backlinks is extremely important.

Backlinks are an essential part of SEO. The top-ranking link in any given Google search has 3.8 more backlinks than the remaining links on the search engine results page (SERP).1 And these backlinks, which have the potential to live longer than the content itself, aren’t going anywhere. More than 90% of marketers believe backlinks will be a viable SEO driver for the next five years (or more).2

How to Boost Your SEO with Backlinks for Autism Treatment Centers

Building backlinks isn’t easy. In fact, 41% of businesses say getting backlinks is the most challenging part of their SEO strategy.3 In this article, we’ll demystify the process of getting backlinks with a few tried-and-true tactics that actually work.

1. Build Trust and Authority

Trust and authority are among the leading drivers of success in healthcare today. In an uncertain world, industry leaders need to believe in your credibility and expertise before they’ll backlink to your website.

Trust and authority start with stellar content. All the content you create has to be original, engaging, and helpful. Otherwise, your ideal audience won’t tune in. Your efforts won’t result in building your influence with patients and their families, let alone be worthy of a backlink on another website.

Your branding also needs to be uniform and deliberate. This means everything from fonts, addresses, and phone numbers, to image style and colors need the same branding across your entire digital footprint.

Consistent branding gives other organizations confidence in your professionalism as an autism treatment provider. Anything less than complete consistency confuses readers, and you’ll lose the opportunity to connect.

2. Discuss a Trending Topic

Think about how often an event goes viral and becomes the talk of the internet. This kind of thing happens pretty often, right?

Your autism treatment center can become a relevant voice in these conversations and reap those all-important backlinks at the same time. So post a response to the latest autism therapy research, comment on an article everyone’s talking about, and prepare an intelligent response to the latest post (good or bad) by an influencer.

Think about the many autism-related topics that have earned national, and even worldwide, attention over the last ten years. Your mission, vision, and value statements should clearly define where you stand on diagnosis, treatment, and care. So sharing your treatment center’s established stance when a notable event occurs will help you acquire more backlinks.

3. Include Original Images and Graphics

Original is the keyword here. No one wants to see stock photos anyone can grab off the internet. Remember trust and authenticity? A big part of establishing those core values is creating your own visuals.

Websites using original photos get 35% more conversions than those that rely on stock photos.4 Patients and their families can see right through phony photographs—and those considering giving you a backlink do, too.

Especially with autism, visuals are extremely important. The right kind of visual stimulation is a key component of autism treatment, so it makes sense to carry that principle into your marketing efforts.

4. Create Attention-Grabbing Videos

The internet loves videos. Some concepts are best explained visually, and there’s something to be said for the entertainment value of watching a clip.

When building out your autism care program’s content plan, you should make sure to include videos wherever possible. Video is an effective medium to share patient testimonials, offer provider insights, and even introduce groundbreaking research. Leaders in the autism community are eager to provide backlinks for videos like these, which are practical yet engaging.

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