5 Tips for Developing a Content Marketing Plan

Not all companies approach content marketing in the same way. Some emphasize quantity, some stress the value of quality. In any battle of quantity versus quality, quality always wins when a reputable marketing agency is involved. 

When viewers land on your site, they expect to find content that answers their questions. They want to be fully informed about your products or services. If your content marketing does that, it doesn’t matter whether your website has 100 pages or 1,000. In the end, quality content is the greatest asset your website could ever have.

Quality is at the heart of any reputable company. Clearly, it should describe your website’s content as well. Your content calendar should be a direct reflection of your target’s audience’s interests and preferences of topics.

Companies are naturally centered on running their businesses. As a result, it’s easy to be intimidated by the demands of creating consistent content that is fresh and relevant to web and social media visitors. As challenging as the task may be, it’s essential if you wish to acquire more leads and increase revenue. In an ideal situation, you’ll be working with a reputable marketing agency and they will be creating and uploading all of this content. 

5 Ways to Create Fantastic Content Marketing

1. Understand Your Audience & What They’re Searching For 

Excellent content doesn’t happen without first understanding the audience. All the blogging and social media sharing depends on first getting right who you’re writing for. What are your audience’s interests? What are they searching for on search engines? Also, what is your competition writing about? If they’re getting views based on certain topics, you should be doing the same. When viewers read your content, they should sense that you understand them completely. That’s how you keep viewers engaged and willing to remain on your website, which is the entire goal of content marketing.

2. Make Sure Your Content is Informative, Compelling, and Accurate

Your audience needs to trust you and see you as a valuable source of information on your products or services. Your content should be viewed as trustworthy and of value. Naturally, what you write must hold their attention. It must be captivating and make them glad that they choose to read it. However, you don’t have a website merely to inform viewers. You want them to do something. Your content must persuade website visitors to take the next step, whether that’s picking up the phone, making an electronic inquiry, or visiting your physical location. If you don’t ask potential customers to do something in your content marketing materials, there’s no guarantee that they’ll just do it on their own.

3. Create a Content Calendar Overflowing With Unique Content

In truth, the internet is littered with websites that more or less “borrow” content from other websites. Sometimes it’s very nearly word-for-word, sometimes it’s literally the exact same content copied and pasted from another website. While site owners could easily get away with this in the past, search engine algorithms can now spot this black-hat marketing practice very easily, and they will typically penalize the offender by lowering their ranking. In turn, that site is unlikely to ever be seen as authoritative.

Remember also that you can commit plagiarism on yourself by duplicating content across your website. The longer your website is up, the more likely this is to happen. Although the duplication may be entirely by accident, search engines won’t really care and will still penalize you.

4. Error-Free Content Marketing Should Always Be the Goal

Sloppy writing is inexcusable. The content you post should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Leaving mistakes in content sends a bad impression about your company. After all, if you’re too lazy to fix these errors, what else are you getting wrong? That’s what goes through viewers’ minds when they encounter a web page replete with errors.

5. Make It Readable

Remember that you aren’t writing a dissertation or an academic paper. Instead, you’re writing for a mass audience. Consequently, the tone shouldn’t be overly formal (or overly informal). It should be professional but accessible. Readability is the key. There’s a reason most content for mass audiences is written to an 8th-grade level: it’s the most easily understood by the largest number of people.

Is Your Content Marketing as Effective as It Should Be?

A marketing plan is like a wheel with many spokes, including SEO campaignPPC campaign management, and of course, content marketing. Therefore, you should make sure that you’re partnering with a marketing agency with the knowledge and experience to take your content to the next level of excellence. Contact Dreamscape Marketing for digital marketing services today at 888.307.7304 and let’s discuss how to take your content from good to great.